‘Recall And Send Zuma Home Now, He’s Panicking Beyond Comprehension’ – Bantu Holomisa


South Africa was tense last week when the President removed Nhlanhla Nene, and appointed David Van Rooyen, the Finance minister of the country without giving meaningful reason(s) to justify his action. The decision, failed to corresponded with the economy of the country as the rand plunged to a new weakest all-time low-level, to fuel the anger towards the president. The DA alleged that Zuma sacked Nene in order to have his way with the excessive government spending, and the #ZumaMustFall campaign gained momentum all over the country.

The president must have been surprised and disconcerted with the insurrection and revolt that came with his decision to do away with Nene. He quickly appointed the minister of cooperative governance and traditional affairs (Cogta), Pravin Gordhan to replace Van Rooyen who was appointed on Wednesday and sworn in on Thursday as the Minister of Finance. Van Rooyen was as such re-appointed to head Cogta.

Issuing a statement, the president related that he have received many representations to reconsider his decision. The statement stated that;

As a democratic government, we emphasise the importance of listening to the people and to respond to their views, I have appointed Pravin Gordhan, the current minister of cooperative governance and traditional affairs as the new minister of finance. Minister Gordhan will return to a portfolio that he had held proficiently during the fourth administration.I have also decided to appoint the current Minister of Finance David van Rooyen as the new minister of cooperative governance and traditional affairs. Mr Van Rooyen, a former executive mayor, will also be bringing to Cogta the finance and economic sector background gained in serving in the Finance Portfolio Committee and Economic Transformation Cluster as whip in National Assembly. He has been mandated to take forward the Back to Basics programme and further improve cooperation between the three spheres of government.

While the latest decision of the President have gone a long well to quell the agitations demanding his fall, it convinced others that the president is completely clueless to be the president of the nation. Speaking on the new development, the United Democratic Movement (UDM) party leader, Bantu Holomisa told news24 that “its clear President Zuma has lost control.”

He is actually panicking beyond comprehension as we speak…he was told to remove this guy [van Rooyen] perhaps by Luthuli house but it is not going to work. They should recall Zuma immediately, recall and [send him to] go back home.

Similarly, the DA Leader, Mmusi Maimane after his call for a public debate with Zuma on the state of the economy which was obviously ignored by the president, stated that the country;

Need a strong direction in terms of reassuring markets about our own prospects and as South Africans we need to work harder to ensure that we remove president Zuma and his poor decisions that are damaging us…It requires everyone as citizens to take our votes seriously and agree that it’s time we change President Jacob Zuma and his ANC.