5 Utterly Insane Reasons Why People Commit Abortion

Abortion is one of the most dreaded practices in our society. Despite the fact that various institutions and organisations shun and discourage the practice of abortion, it is sad that several individuals still practice it and some countries are trying to legalize it while others have already with several of their justifiable reasons for abortion. For a very long time, various governments and lawmakers have been creating and reforming the laws that govern abortion. Despite the fact that there are strict laws, it is still a worrying experience to note that many people still do it and quite a few individuals have faced the repercussions that resulted from their heinous acts of abortion. In this article, we are going to look at 5 of the most stupid reasons people give for committing or wanting to commit abortion. After reading this, you will agree with me that some of the reasons are not reasons at all they are just a way of explaining away failures and sexual carelessness.

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Why do People Practice Abortion?

People have different reasons why they want to or why they have aborted a foetus before. While some reasons appear genuine, others are plain insane. A qualified doctor may recommend an abortion for a pregnant mother whose life is in danger, there are also other instances which may call for abortions in order to reduce the occurrences of various fatalities, these could be regarded as genuine strong reasons for abortion, what are those insanely stupid reasons, let’s find out below.

Here are 5 Utterly Stupid Reasons For Abortion

1. Some Individuals Argue that the Mother is not Ready to Keep a Baby

This is one of the most common reasons why single mothers abort the unborn. They claim that the pregnancy occurred while they were not ready to handle the outcome of childbirth. For example, if a girl gets pregnant while she is still schooling, she will definitely think about an abortion as an option since she will not be able to handle school and the baby at the same time. This situation is even worse if the girl expects no support from her parents or guardians.

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2. Financial Instability and Lack of Confidence

Abortion is common with poor individuals. Regardless of whether the pregnant mother is a high school or college graduate, a person who earns what is just enough to sustain herself and the present family may think abortion is the best solution to cut down costs. Financial instability may be a tempting factor that could lure a couple that lives together into attempting an abortion on the grounds that they never planned for the baby.

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3. The Fetus had Health Problems

While some people abort based on the fact that the health of the mother could not sustain the growing foetus. Others may simply argue that they no longer need children. Surprisingly, it has been revealed that most individuals that aborted babies did it on the grounds that the health of the fetus was not good and that it would have harmed that of the mother. While this reason cannot be easily ascertained without the help of a medical practitioner, several mothers go-ahead to abort even without seeking help. Statistics reveal that thousands of mothers across the world cite this as number one reason. Actually, if a mother gives such a reason and goes ahead to abort without consulting the doctor, such an act should be discouraged at all costs. It is inhuman since it entails taking the life of an innocent individual.

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4. I don’t Want Others to Know About my Pregnancy or that I’m Having Sex

Even though the above reason appears childish and stupid, it is one of the most common reasons that prompt various women to abort. The reason is common with unmarried individuals and those who practice sex outside marriage. Surely, how can a person kill another person on the grounds that she does not want her friends to know that she is having sex? In fact, several people associate this with those who have not gone through any form of education because if we compare the risks incurred while aborting and the facts in the reason that has been given, it is clear that anyone who bases her argument on the above reason lacks correct reasoning. Children are a blessing. They are meant to cement a relationship. In this regard, if a person engages in sex with a person whom she loves, pregnancy should not come with surprises since, after all, we all need lasting relationships.

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5. My husband/Partner Wants me to Have an Abortion

This one of the commonest reasons for abortion especially among young people. A person gets an abortion simply because she has been compelled by another person. Ladies! If a man loves you, he will be ready to support you no matter what happens. He will love your kids at all times. In this regard, women who use the above excuse to alleviate the burden are advised to take their time and talk to their husbands/partners. Aborting while in marriage may bring disaster instead of blessings.

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