Makhosi Khoza: ANC MP Gets More Death Threats For Criticizing Zuma And Party


Remember Makhosi Khoza? She is the ANC MP who contended on her Facebook page that the increasing protests against Zuma government aren’t the outcome of the conspiracies of white monopoly capital.

Makhosi Khoza wrote that the agitations against President Zuma’s government is a definitive sign of irrelevance and chronic leadership incapacity of the ANC.

The Facebook post titled – ‘Leadership Injudiciousness: Deleterious to ANC Relevance & Lifespan’ asserted that politics of patronage has claimed the sanity of ANC leadership.

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Makhosi Khoza has been receiving death threats ever since she published her piece on Facebook. Also, ANC KwaZulu-Natal Youth League has been calling for her to be recalled.

Now, the ANC Youth League has moved from asking that she be recalled to demanding her resignation. They even scheduled a picket at her house.

Speaking with Radio702, Makhosi Khoza remarked that she is disappointed the ANC leadership is yet to say anything about the death threats she’s been receiving.

“I’m actually quite surprised that the leadership of the ANC has been quite when the ANC Youth League has been making this calls.

“And i understand that they are planning to picket at my house on the 18th…They want me to resign, they moved from pressing for me to be recalled to me having to resign and they are saying they are going to picket at my house.

“Well, I don’t care, what is important to me is this country and the future of the children of this country. I think all children in this country deserve better than what they are getting right now,” Khoza said.

Nontheles, she asserted that it is disingenuous to ask that she be recalled whereas “the whole nation is asking for someone else” to step down.

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When the ANC MP was asked if she is afraid her life is in danger, she said: “The truth is, yes sometimes I do…they are saying they are going to come here at home.

“If they come here, obviously they will be coming for my children. I fear for my children more than i fear for my self. The level of intolerance is indeed very high…

Below is the full conversation between the ANC MP and radio702.