A-Reece On What It’s Like For A Young Black Man Living In A ‘White Suburb’


Imagine having neighbours who make you feel uncomfortable in your own home, that’s the life A-Reece claims to be living in a “white suburb.”

According to the young rapper, his neighbours hate him and his “wrecking crew” friends because they do not understand how a young black man can afford to live in such a high-eyebrow neighbourhood.

During a recent interview with Slikour, A-Reece claimed that his neighbours were always giving him and his friends that suspicious look. It became so bad that they even took pictures of their house and cars.

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“Sometimes in the morning we smoking outside. Next thing, a white lady is taking pictures. She comes back and gives us a look. It’s crazy,” the Meanwhile in Honey rapper said. To add to the story Slikour recounted his own experience of being stared at outside the house.

Also, one of A-Reece’s crew declared – “they hate us and we hate them”. Another recounted how the lights had been cut on them.

“They cut the lights because we were making too much noise. A lot can happen in one day. Imagine living here for three months,” they said.

They also recounted a particular incident which was blown out of proportion, leading to the police being invited.

“Let’s just say there was a huge misunderstanding and that lady is hella racist. And she blew it out of proportion because she is racist.”

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Notably, a video of cops confronting A-Reece and his friends emerged on social media in August. The rapper claimed at the time that he was not scared of law enforcement.

Earlier this year, A-Reese and his counterparts, Fifi Cooper, B3nchmarq and Flame left their record label, Ambitiouz Entertainment to explore their horizon.