Rapper ProVerb On How He Snapped Out Of His Divorce Ordeal


Divorce can be hard on both the man and the woman and rapper ProVerb and his ex-wife Onarelona are no exceptions.

After almost a year of pulling the plug on their relationship, the rapper has confessed that the experience took a toll on him.

Following a cheating scandal, the couple decided to call it quits last December after a ten-year marriage.

In the bid to snap out of it, ProVerb buried himself in work and on a solo trip overseas. In spite of all his efforts, the separation was so hard on him that he turned to therapy.

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Thus, in a recent interview with Gareth Cliff on CliffCentral‚ rapper Proverb revealed what he went through after the separation.

“I did a bit of therapy for a short time but even him (the therapist)‚ I said to him; ‘Dude‚ next week is the last time I’m coming here because this can’t be my life’. It just feels like you come everyday to reopen the scab. No‚ I can’t relive this every week‚” ProVerb said.

Apparently, the rapper wasn’t ready for what hit him at the time. But, he’s determined to put everything behind him and try again. And though he doesn’t really talk about his present love life, he has been linked to former Miss SA Liesl Laurie.

Besides, he’s not ruling out marriage entirely.

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“I’ve come to know my value. Before you want someone who is pretty‚ who is hot‚ who is clever‚ who is ambitious and who will complete you. Now‚ I see myself as complete and I’m looking for someone who is also complete. Who is not looking to gain something by being with me and nor vice-versa. But rather to say that we are both complete in our own spaces and we just compliment each other‚” Proverb added.

Meanwhile, Onarelona had a lot to learn from her divorce as she revealed while sharing her journey with the world.