Rape Accuser Drags Rapper Nelly To Court For Assault And Defamation


The same woman who accused rapper Nelly of rape is out to have her day in court with him, claiming he sexually assaulted her on his tour bus and later damaged her reputation by claiming the victim.

The 43-year-old rapper, real name Cornell Iral Haynes Jr, recently had his court case tossed out by authorities after his 21-year-old accuser, who had alleged the star sexually assaulted her on his tour bus, refused to testify against him. At the time, it appeared that no charges could be brought against him.

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The rapper was arrested on his tour bus in a suburban Seattle Walmart parking lot in October. Last week, prosecutors said they weren’t charging him with anything because the accuser wasn’t cooperating with the case.

Regardless, the Seattle Times reported on Wednesday that the woman identified as Monique Greene has filed a lawsuit against Nelly, seeking unspecified damages.

While Nelly’s attorney says the lawsuit is financially motivated and a countersuit is planned, Greene’s lawyer, Karen Koehler, said her client only sued after the rapper publicly contended last week that Greene made the story up.

Nelly’s lawyer Scott Rosenblum said of the lawsuit: “It comes as no surprise that Ms. Green filed a lawsuit against Nelly seeking money after we announced our intention to hold her accountable. We always believed her accusation was motivated by greed.”

Most times, people who say they’re victims of sex crimes are not named, but Greene agreed to be publicly identified and went on to detail the events of the alleged incident in her lawsuit documents. She blatantly claims Nelly forced her to have sex with him against her will and didn’t use a condom during the unsolicited act.

According to Greene, the incident took place at the Seattle nightclub where the Dilemma hitmaker performed on October 6 this year. She followed the rapper into an SUV after getting an invitation to an after-party. The SUV allegedly took the pair to the rapper’s tour bus where the woman claims the assault took place.

TMZ reported that Greene claimed she was “screaming she wanted off the bus” after the alleged incident. Consequently, “Nelly threw a $100 bill at her and said, ‘Bye bye.’”

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Monique’s defamation claim comes as she also alleges that Nelly and his team are spreading the rumour that she was only after the money and her fifteen minutes of fame.

On the other hand, rapper Nelly maintains he’s the victim here and will strive hard to get rid of the false allegations.