Life After Prison: Here’s What Rapper Jub Jub Has Been Up To


After spending four years behind bars, South African rapper Jub Jub seems to be picking up the pieces of what is left of his music career.

Molemo ‘Jub Jub’ Maarohanye has been out from prison on parole for over a month now and has since gone back to work, making new music. Before he landed in Jail, rapper Jub Jub was one of the most vibrant young talents in the country.

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But that was prior to his conviction of culpable homicide for crashing his car into a group of school children in 2010. The accident left four children dead and others with damaged brains.

Following his release from prison, social media has been wondering what will happen to his music career. With that in mind, Jub Jub’s friend and business partner Pablo Sehloho said that the rapper was still committed to making good music.

“Jub Jub is a musician and nothing that has happened to him will change that,” Pablo said.

In fact, Pablo revealed that Jub Jub is working on something that will surprise fans. Nonetheless, he wouldn’t spill the beans.

“He is a hard worker and has been putting a lot of time into his music. I can’t say much about it right now, but fans will be surprised,” Pablo said

Nonetheless, Pablo added that fans can expect to hear a different side of Jub Jub’s music. Apparently, his time in jail has made him a different man.

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“His music has changed. He has grown because of his experiences and now wants to make music that people can really relate to. He no longer uses the same references about life. He is more responsible and wants to make a difference through his music.”

Meanwhile, Pablo also revealed that we might soon get a video for the track released by rapper Jub Jub shortly after he was released from prison. The song, entitled Ke Kopa Tshwarelo (Please forgive me) was used to ask South Africans for forgiveness. The song went viral, with over 350,000 views in the first five days of its release.