Gigi Lamayne On How Babes Wodumo Saved Her From The Stereotype Plaguing Female Rappers


South African rapper Gigi Lamayne has enlightened us on the war for equality which female rappers have been entangled in over the years.

During a recent interview, Gigi lambasted the entertainment industry for accepting male artists for who they are unlike the female counterparts.

According to a disgruntled Gigi, female artistes are always under scrutiny for doing the same thing the male rappers do.

She particularly hates the fact that people expect them to look more like international artistes.

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“Women are bashed more. We have rappers around the world who have one eye. We have rappers who look like they don’t bath and they are male and we accept it. But when a woman does that, oh my word, we have to all look like Nicki Minaj or Beyoncé,” she lamented.

Meanwhile, Gigi revealed that she herself has been a victim of such stereotype in the industry. Though she has been fighting the war for equality in music for some time now, she believes there’s hope for a change.

Moreover, Gigi said she has found an inspiration to fight her battle in singer Babes Wodumo.

“I have been ridiculed so much for my image, for having dark gums. People have said all sorts of horrible things,” she added.

Apparently, Wololo singer Babes Wodumo’s breakthrough in the industry served as an inspiration to rapper Gigi Lamayne. Gigi believes that the Wololo hit maker got more thumbs up for being who she is.

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“As much as she is not in hip-hop, Babes Wodumo is my saviour. She is the ratchet that wants to come out for me in clubs but I am too scared that people are going to judge me. For the first time, because she is out there, I feel like I can do me,” she says.

Gigi is a mixture of beauty; talent and brains. She graduated with 4 distinctions from the University of the Witwatersrand with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Media and Anthropology.