Rapper Emtee Blames ‘Song Theft Accusations’ On Jealousy


Rapper Emtee has spoken in his own defence after he hogged the headlines following a song theft accusation from an upcoming artist.

Consequently, he dismissed the reports which appeared on Sunday world that he stole his latest single Ghetto Hero from a rising musician, Jolondy Jacobs who said it’s not the first time such a thing is happening.

The young musician claimed that he used to work with Emtee and they made a lot of songs together. But now, he’s claiming the songs as his own.

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“The whole thing pissed me off. This is not the first time. His song Ready was also released without crediting me. I was part of the team in 2014 before they all became famous. We had worked on a lot of songs together,” lamented the young rapper.

Though he agreed that he worked with Jacobs in the past, Emtee refuted the accusation and reports that he stole his latest single from the young musician. Instead, he said he worked hard to get to his present stage in the industry and wouldn’t steal his own song.

Also, rapper Emtee said he’s the one who has the originals which his accuser claims to be in possession of. In his explanation, he said the accusations come from people who are jealous of what he has achieved in the industry fo far and would go to any length to pull him down. Therefore, he decided he’s not going to pay any attention to the whole drama because that will only make him vulnerable.

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The controversial single Ghetto Hero was released last week. According to the rapper, the song has received so much love already and is expected to do much better in the long run.