Rapper Emtee Declares War On Those Selling His Number Online


SA rapper Emtee has declared war on a faceless person who is reportedly selling his number to fans online.

The rapper was left fuming with anger after discovering that someone who is probably close to him is making money from selling his phone number.

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Apparently, the calls must have been so overwhelming that he felt the need to take action. He couldn’t do much with his time because he was always on the phone with fans. After it dawned on Emtee that he was getting too many phone calls than expected, he decided to look into it.

“I get calls every two minutes from fans asking me for favours and wanting to chat. I can’t spend time with my son. I can’t do interviews. I can’t even go to studio without someone calling me. I am becoming a receptionist for my own phone.

“So, one day I asked this person where they got my number. They said they found it on my social media. They were lying to me. I threatened them until they told me that a person had been selling my number on social media in exchange for things,” Emtee said.

And now rapper Emtee has had enough and is searching for the person who is responsible for selling his number. And oh, he also said that he would “make an example out of them”.

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“I am Emtee the hustler. I know people who know people who will find this person. And when I do, everyone will know. They will be sorry. I will make an example out of them. People think that I am a soft kid but I will show them,” Emtee declared.

The whole issue left him feeling depressed and upset and he doesn’t even understand why people chose to call him instead of other celebs.