Rapper AKA Throws Shade At Fan, Musicians Over SABC Censorship


SA rapper AKA has always been one to speak out when everyone is afraid to do so, and this time he remembered the SABC censorship.

He maintains his opinions on politics, refusing to keep quiet, unlike some other musicians.

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The rapper took to Twitter on Tuesday night with a rather lengthy rant. Angered by a Twitter user’s comment on the raging weather conditions in SA and if the SABC would air the footage.

“Hope the #tornado coverage is not on SABC. Images of its destruction may incite violence and looting. #SABCcensorship,” Nick Theodoropoulos tweeted.

AKA took the message personally, accusing Theodoropoulos of subtle racism.

“The art of subtle racism. F*ck the people who’ve had their lives and belongings destroyed. Blacks just want to loot.”

He blew his own trumpet as he said he will never shy away from sensitive political issues.

“People are pressed because I’m a mainstream artist with an opinion on issues. Look at 90% of your faves. Voiceless. They stand for nothing.”

To rapper AKA, the musicians who have refused to speak up on important issues are just meaningless and voiceless.

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“Too scared to tell people how they feel. Too meek to use their platform to lead young people … Devoid of any message or substance. How the f*ck am I the most mainstream, pop, genre-crossing, commercial rapper ….. But I’m the one with the loudest voice?!?!?!?! People want to ask, “what happened to rap” Nigga! What happened to RAP leading the youth! Speaking up?! F*ck your bars. They don’t mean sh*t. I’m just trying to use my platform to steer young people in what I believe is the right direction ….. That’s all it is.I am not a politician … I am a musician. This is 2016. Now you tell me who the kids are listening to.”

In other words, AKA suggests that kids of nowadays listen to musicians and not politicians. Now that might be right if you ask me.

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