SA Man Rapes His Mum: Other Times Rape In South Africa Went Beyond Disgusting 


We’ve been reminded that rape in South Africa is repulsive, despicable, hatefulsickening, and disgusting.

BuzzSouthAfrica learnt that the South African Police Service (SAPS) has arrested a 23-year-old man for raping his 58-year-old mother.

As learnt, the man raped his mum at her home in Ekuthuleni locality, Elliot on 3rd July 2017. After the horrendous act, he fled the area and couldn’t be traced.

It was on Monday, 10th July 2017 that members of the taxi association identified the suspect. They arrested him and handed him to the SAPS.

Confirming this incident, Col Gezani thanked the community noting that the incident has illustrated that strong partnership between local community members and the SAPS is of inestimable value to the fight against crime.

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Other Times Rape In South Africa Went Beyond Disgusting

The barbarity of rape crimes in South Africa was probably exhibited in the vehement desire to find a cure for HIV/AID.

HIV-positive men in South Africa raped many infants. Somehow, it was widely believed that having sex with a virgin girl will cure HIV/AIDS. History will remember this horror as the virgin cleansing myth

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Disregarding the unbelievable and shocking reason for raping infants, rape in South Africa has always been brutal and cruel.

Sometimes in March 2017, we reported that over 100 people are being raped in South Africa every day. The report was culled from the crime statistics the Police Portfolio Committee presented in Parliament.

It’s simply crazy. Fathers have been sentenced for raping daughters, females have picked up hitchhiking males and raped them. Even animals have been subjected to the inhumanity – a man was once caught raping a lame goose.

The following are some of the instances rape in South Africa was highly abominable.

1. 10-Year-Old Boy Gang-raped By Five Men

In January this year, we reported that a 10-year-old boy was receiving treatment in a hospital after he was gang-raped by five men.

The lad was playing with friends in a dam when the men called. Sighting the men with dogs approaching them, the boy’s friends fled the dam leaving him behind. The boy couldn’t escape because he was stuck in the mud.

The men pulled the lad out, forced him to hold on to a pole and raped him.

2. 14-Year-Old Girl Gang-raped And Slain

Not long past, a 14-year-old girl Luyanda Mhlongo was murdered in KwaZulu-Natal after she was gang-raped.

The Grade 8 pupil was reported missing after she left home to visit friends.  She was later found in a plantation near her home but, it was already late. The teenager wasn’t only severally raped; she was also, severally stabbed and strangled to death.

3. 95-Year-Old Woman Raped And Strangled 

Let’s just say rapists in South Africa have a thing for taking their victims’ life. This was particularly why the women wing of the country’s ruling party lobbied for the return of capital punishment.

To the women wing, lunatics capable of raping and killing 95-year-old women are simply unworthy to be kept alive.

In Uitenhage, Eastern Cape, a 95-year-old woman was raped and strangled in her home. It’s believed she was strangled with a telephone cord after she was sexually abused.

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4. A Dog Was Gang-raped in Pretoria

As it happened in Hebron, Pretoria, three SA boys borrowed a dog for a hunting trip only to gang-rape the creature.

When this incident was exposed, SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) spokesperson, Michael Motloung confirmed it.

Motloung reportedly said:

“We only got to know of their actions after one of them told a friend at school last week. The school called the dog owner and their parents. That’s when they all confessed to committing the crime.”

Criminal charges of animal cruelty were later laid against the boys.

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