What Schools Need To Do Amid #FeesMustFall – Rap Legend Black Coffee


Rap legend DJ Black Coffee has aired his views about education in the country amidst the #FeesMustFall protests which have pushed South Africa under the spotlight.

According to the DJ, the country will be better off if children are thought to be leaders in addition to getting a degree.

Both black and white children should be thought about our past heroes. Thereby, building a country where everyone is a role model.

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In a series of Tweets, SA rap legend DJ Black Coffee highlighted his dreams for South Africa.

“Where they are not only taught just to chase degrees but taught to be leaders … because if Fees do fall no one is guaranteed a job.”

Black Coffee reiterated that it’s not just enough to fight for free education, but it’s also important to ensure that schools produce future leaders and entrepreneurs in the country. His ideas were welcomed with open arms by fans who supported his sentiments.

A fan emphasized the importance of grooming students to be entrepreneurs. He buttressed his point with the fact that many degree holders are struggling to get a job which is something that could be a thing of the past if they knew how to stand on their own.

On DJ Black’s call for schools to teach children about our heroes, another follower said the country would have been better if children were thought about “our own heroes” instead of Jan van Riebeeck.

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“I didn’t learn about any of the struggle leaders in school. If my generation did, things could have so different [sic].”

The DJ who referred to this generation as a “lol generation” has always added his voice in addressing the injustices in the society.

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