Check Out Viewers Reactions As The Ranakas Reality TV Show Makes Its Debut


As far as reality shows are concerned, Mzansi Magic’s The Ranakas reality TV show seems to be blazing the trail for others to follow.

Right here in Mzansi, we are kicking out the Kardashians because the Ranakas are here to show us what reality TV is all about.

The show rocked the internet and quickly topped the Twitter trends list when it finally made its TV debut on Thursday night.

Subsequently, fans took to social media to laud the show, which documents the life of Dineo Ranaka’s family.

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And though the debut episode was everything we expected and more, Dineo’s parents literally stole the show. They warmed their way into the hearts of many during the show which lasted for just 30 minutes.

Apparently, the show was so good that viewers wished it would be awarded more TV time. Here are some of the Tweets about Mzansi Magic’s The Ranakas reality TV show;

Shortly after the show made its debut, Dineo took to Twitter to appreciate her fans for their support.

Afterwards, she took to Instagram to reminisce on how she had sold the idea for The Ranakas to her family long ago. At the time, her father supported her immensely.

“My father just told me how he remembers how I sold them the concept of Dineos Diary and The Ranakas looong before my 30’s, and then he said, ‘Dineo, no matter how hard it gets, don’t stop. You are a visionary woman and your visions are manifesting,” she said.

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Feeling blessed, Dineo also appreciated the work of God in her life.

The Rankas was inspired by the highly successful VUZU AMP reality show Dineo’s Diary. The show gave viewers a glimpse of this very animated household. Dineo’s parents, brother and sisters have all made an appearance on her Vuzu reality show.