Black/White Social Inequality: Ramphele Says SA Whites Must Apologize For Their Wealth


University of Cape Town’s Vice Chancellor, Mamphela Ramphele believes White South Africans owe the country an apology for accumulating wealth at the expense of the blacks.

Speaking during an intense interview with JacarandaFM on Tuesday, Ramphele who was a former politician said Whites need to admit that the color coded system during the apartheid era heavily favored them by giving them advantages which the majority of the people – the black South Africans- don’t have.

Thus to bring about a societal balance, the white should not only apologize to the nation but should join hands with government to address the menace that resulted from it.

“Now the issue is not to take away what’s there, but to acknowledge, and then to work together to deal with the consequences of a country where the majority of people are unskilled,” Mamphela Ramphele said

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According to her, 60% – 65% of the country’s wealth is currently in the hands of 10% of the population and 80% of that 10% is white. We need to start with the fact base, and then we say, how do we bring that down, she said.

Being one of the well-known South Africa’s business moguls, the interviewer Rian van Heerden said Ramphele was a beneficiary of Black Economic Empowerment then in reply, Ramphele said: “So, what’s wrong with that? I worked for it and I don’t have any guilt.”

She went on to defend her financial status – reported at R55 million by saying that the millions accumulated were as a result of her 50 years long services in the country.

“That R55 million is nothing compared to what you collectively have.” she fired back.

Ramphele founded political party Agang South Africa in February 2013 but withdrew from politics in July 2014.

Her words against the white race comes at the time government intensifies moves to bridge the gap between Whites and Blacks in the country by incorporating more South African Blacks into the country’s economy.

Announcing his Radical Economic Transformation program, President Jacob Zuma said his program will focus on bringing changes in the structure, systems, institutions and patterns of ownership, management, and control of the economy.

“Twenty-two years into our freedom and democracy, the majority of black people are still economically disempowered,” Zuma said, adding that the gap between blacks and white-headed households “remain shockingly huge”.

The representation of whites at top management level amounted to 72% while African representation was at 10%, he said.

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To further buttress the points made by Ramphele and Zuma about the gap between the White and Black race in South Africa, Johnny Miller of Unequal Scenes reveals the inequality among communities in South Africa’s suburban landscape.

In his new video, the Cape Town based photographer revealed that the gap between the white and the Black homes is still wide despite all efforts to reduce it.

“When I began the Unequal Scenes project a year ago, I had no idea that flying a drone over the townships, gated communities and golf courses of South Africa could make such an impact,” he told the British paper in an interview this week.

This brings to mind his words in 2016 when he said looking straight down from a height of several hundred meters, incredible scenes of inequality emerge. Some communities have been expressly designed with separation in mind, and some have grown more or less organically.

Take a look at some of his video coverage on the unequal scene of SA landscape:

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