Ramaphosa’s State Capture Speech Depicts Separation From Zuma – Analysts


Political analyst Ralph Mathekga observes that the speech on state capture made by Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa represents an act of distancing himself from the President.

Ramaphosa was addressing professionals and academics at a Gauteng ANC summit in Sandton last night. His comments follows Zuma’s attitude towards the controversy generated by relationship with the Guptas and his blatant refusal to distance himself from the Guptas because of allegations against them.

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The influence of the Gupta family over government affairs and decisions was exposed right after deputy Finance Minister Mcebisi Jonas confirmed the rumour that the family offered him Nhlanhla Nene’s job shortly before he was removed as finance minister.

The Guptas are presently doing business with Zuma’s son after being accused of penetrating the government through their political connections to the extent of influencing government decisions and the appointment of ministers.

Without any regard to the fact that the president does not see anything wrong with his relationship with the Guptas, Ramaphosa made it clear that he was against state capture which he suggested should be handled with care as the way it is dealt with will be a defining moment for the nation.

Political analyst, Mathekga describes the speech by the deputy president as ‘telling’. To Mathekga, “the deputy president was probably advised to ride on this and take a rather principled and aggressive stance.”

On the other hand, another analyst Daniel Silke, was of the view that the issue of state capture will play a major role in influencing the ANC’s leadership contest in the near future.

“He’s able to use this issue almost immediately to set his own agenda for the coming leadership battle,” Silke opined.

During his speech last night, Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa warned that the scandal involving the Guptas allegedly offering ANC members cabinet posts will serve as a defining moment for the state and the ANC.

“The ANC is not for sale…This is going to be a defining moment…ANC refuses to be captured,” Ramaphosa said.

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