Ramaphosa’s Resignation: What The Deputy President Has To Say


Reports about Ramaphosa’s resignation as the Deputy President of South Africa has been spreading like wildfire on Social media platforms.

Now, Mr Cyril Ramaphosa is left with no option but to confirm to South Africans his status as the second citizen of the Republic of South Africa.

In a media statement from the Presidency, Mr Cyril dismissed reports about Ramaphosa’s resignation as fake.

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“Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa…rejected the spread of falsehood and misinformation that he has resigned from his official position as the Deputy President of the Republic of South Africa,” started the media statement from the Presidency.

“There is no truth to the dissemination of this falsehood. Deputy President Ramaphosa remains in his position as Deputy President of the Republic of South Africa and that of the ruling party.

“We reiterate his view that he will remain in government to serve the people in the realisation of the national objective of pushing back the frontiers of poverty, unemployment and inequality,” added the statement.

“In this regard Deputy President Ramaphosa…said: “…I am staying to serve our people in government. I made my views known. There are quite a number of other colleagues and comrades who are unhappy about this situation, particularly the removal of the Minister of Finance who was serving the country with absolute distinction, with great ability, and he has proven that he is a talented person…,” finished the statement.

Meanwhile, it has emerged that the Deputy President has been lashed for expressing displeasure with Zuma’s cabinet reshuffle.

For instance, David Mabuza, the Mpumalanga ANC chairperson and the Premier of Mpumalanga accused Mr Ramaphosa and ANC secretary-general, Gwede Mantashe of being ill-disciplined and sowing divisions in ANC.

As culled from an eNCA report, Mabuza said:

“I can hear the SG…(and) the deputy president speaking. They must remember they are not presidents!

There’s only one president. I don’t know whether they want to exercise the same powers that the president has? No!” Mabuza said.

No! … It’s quite ill-disciplined that people will go out and talk that (they) differ with the president. No, no! That is ill-discipline. You can’t hang your dirty linen out there. What are you trying to do, whom are you trying to appease? It’s incorrect!

It’s incorrect! I don’t think they are setting a good example. We’re working hard on the ground here to unite the ANC. And I see they’re working hard to divide the ANC.”

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Reacting to Mabuza’s remarks, Mantashe contended that it’s unfair to attacked for taking a stance against President Zuma’s cabinet reshuffle.

“We are not asking for favours here,” he said, “we are asking people to do what is right so that when you do things the organisation goes with you. Otherwise, there will be no ANC that contests elections and gives (power) over to an individual called a president or a premier.

“What I don’t agree with is that people must call us names because we have taken a stance… (If) we don’t need to be consulted, …there is no need to elect the six officials (ANC’s top 6 National Executive Committee officials ),” Mantashe argued.

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