Ramaphosa Encourages South Africans To Shun Imported Goods And Buy Local Products


Speaking at Proudly SA Buy Local Summit and Expo held in Sandton, Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa encouraged South Africans to avoid buying goods that were not produced in their local environment. This is to say that the people must not rely much on imported goods which they are not even sure of their quality, instead, they should go for the local products.

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Buying local products can also help to boost the economic growth of the country by keeping the money in the locality where the goods are produced and most importantly, jobs are created.

“The simple message is to buy local … it benefits local, the benefits of local purchasing are quite clear for all of us to see and the main challenge is how to convince South Africans and how we can raise the level of consciousness about the long-term benefits of buying locally made goods,” said Ramaphosa.

This speech by Ramaphosa may have been sparked off by this week’s report that most of the US chicken products that hit the SA markets this month suspected to be unhealthy were going to be sold to low-income groups not minding the health of the consumers. However, Ramaphosa did not touch on the US chicken products directly during his speech.

“But most importantly is that when you buy locally made goods the money that you use to buy the locally made goods stays in the area and those businesses use local resources sustainably… it also increases the level of employment and people earn decent wages in the local area where they are and in the end this forms an economic zone, which is fueled by locally made products and we become self-sufficient and less dependent on imports,” he added.

From his own perspective, if the country continues to patronize these foreign companies by importing their goods all the time, the SA’s economic growth will remain weak and stagnant.

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Therefore, we must remain adamant in choosing local products made in South Africa most of the time. We should be able to say yes it is made in our country and this is what we should buy. This will help our economy to grow to greater heights.

Minister of Small Business Development Lindiwe Zulu backed Ramaphosa up by adding that buying local products was imperative to help the country with achieving its National Development Plan goal of ensuring that small, medium and micro enterprises provide at least 90% of employment by 2030.