Ramaphosa Sells Max Condoms To MPs – ‘They Don’t Make Noise’


Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa recently charged members of the National Assembly to help themselves with the newly introduced government’s Max condoms which he said is designed to give maximum pleasure with no noise to citizens.

Deputy president Ramaphosa addressed the members in the National Assembly on Thursday where he also answered questions thrown to him in relation to the new condoms introduced in June .

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There, the deputy president explained that the Max condoms were aimed at increasing protection from sexually transmitted diseases in the country and an answer to helpless blessers who complained that the old condoms did not smell nice.

“Now, through scientific development, we were able to develop a new condom, which is called Max. The Max is for maximum pleasure, protection, and it does not make noise at all,” he said as MPs giggled at the description of the Max condoms.

Ramaphosa added that the newly improved condoms make no noise during sexual intercourse as the old ones do. They had fixed and improved the formula, bringing in more flavours, he told the amused MPs.

When UDM MP Mncedisi Filtane asked who cared to listen to noise “at that moment”, the deputy president answered that they were merely responding to concerns from the users.

“The issue of noise was reported by users. The people who used the old condoms approached the minister of health and said this made noise, so could you make ones that make less noise?

“Max” condoms apparently provide maximum protection, smell better and are silent.”

Ramaphosa also revealed to the members in the house that the new condoms were also on offer in a range of flavours, from grape to apple.

“If you want a grape flavour, here it is. If you want an apple flavour, you can get an apple flavour.”

“So members, please help yourself to the condoms, which we expect we can all use for maximum pleasure and protection.”

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SA government launched the new Max condoms in a bid to decrease the rate of HIV and Aids infection among girls and young women in the country.

The condom was first launched in Pietermaritzburg, Kwa-Zulu Natal to mark the 21st International AIDS day in July.

At the conference ground, Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa argued that with the provision of government condoms, which provides satisfaction and safety in one package, there is no reason for men to indulge in unsafe sex.