Cyril Ramaphosa: SA Wealth Must Be Shared, Land Must Be Returned


Land must be returned and South Africa’s wealth shared says Cyril Ramaphosa, the Deputy President of South Africa.

The Deputy President made the assertion on Sunday while he was campagning in Grahamstown.

Mr Ramaphosa told those that gathered to listen to him that the country is in need of radical economic transformation and land reform initiatives that will ensure the returning of land to the rightful owners.

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“We must embark on a process of radical socio-economic freedom,” he started. “The wealth of this country must be shared. That will happen whether some people like it or not.

“There is still poverty,” he went on. “I could see it driving to this hall…

“In the phase we are in, Oliver Tambo memory calls upon us to do something. In doing something it means that we must ensure that our people are totally free and that there is economic freedom.”

Ramaphosa expressed that the country’s National Development Plan’s aim which amongst other things, includes the target to reduce unemployment by 6% come 2030 is achieveable if some individuals would stop looting government’s coffers.

The Deputy President told the gathering to watch out, identify and ignore certain individuals and families currently preaching radical economic transformation just to pocket some gains.

“We can’t choose certain families. We can’t choose a few people. We are going to thoroughly empower our people so that they live better lives. We are going to change the economy of this country. Not on the interest of some well-known families but in the interest of our people.

“We are facing problems of corruption within our ranks. Problems of intentions by other people and families to capture our movement and government.

“Right now some say we must not talk about problems within the movement. The atmosphere is contaminated. What are we supposed to do? Must we keep quiet? We have to talk about these things so our organisation can self-correct

“If we do not talk about our problems‚ how are we going to fix our movement? We cannot be silenced and we must refuse to be silenced because this is our movement.

“We have to analyse what is wrong so we can find answers, hence we are talking about our problems openly,” he stated.

Also, he talked about the country’s land problem urging Gugile Nkwinti, the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform to work more and provide solution to the land issues.

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Here, Ramaphosa expressed that it wouldn’t be alright for the government to only give land back and stand back.

He said: “Government must not give land back and standby. Government must work with people hand in hand to support them. The land question must be resolved. Land needs to be brought back to its rightful owners. We must find solutions.”

Mr Ramaphosa inspired the gathering so much that the people started chanting: “We don’t want Zuma, we want Cyril.”