ANC Has Ignored Coloured People – ANC Supporter Writes To Zuma


President Jacob Zuma has been told the ANC has dumped coloured people in the country.

Speaking in a letter, a Knysna-based ANC supporter, Ralph Stander, lamented that the ANC has turned its back on coloured people.

Statistics has showed that coloured people are the majority demographic in the Western Cape with a percentage of 48.8.

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Speaking further, Stander noted that the rape of a 9-year-old girl, a bus accident in Rheenendal where 15 children died, and long-running gang problems are examples of issues that the ANC refused to address.

Ralph Stander Angry With ANC

“I’m contemplating the distressing view that the ANC doesn’t care for coloureds. Coloureds seem to be nothing of value inside or outside the ANC,” he alleged.

The number of coloured ANC leaders on Western cape candidate nomination lists for the August 3 elections is not impressing. In addition, the ones on the list were not well-placed, Stander told Zuma.

“There are almost no coloureds high up on Councillor lists in the southern Cape, metro or Western Cape as a whole, in spite of coloured people being the majority demographic in the Western Cape (48.8%),” he said.

Responding to the letter, Western Cape ANC regional executive committee spokesperson, Jabu Mfusi, slammed Stander. He rather stated that the ANC has coloured candidates, and their names appeared on its candidate nomination lists.

“We are a non-racial organisation. Maybe it is because he not part of the list,” Mfusi reacted.

However, ANC national spokesperson, Zizi Kodwa denied coming across such letter.

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Knysna is a town with 51,078 inhabitants in the Western Cape Province. The town is also part of the Garden Route.

President Zuma has been accused several times of neglecting thousands of South Africans, especially in service delivery. On the other hand, the ANC has also been accused of pampering Zuma and soft-peddling fights against corruption.

Opposition leaders have also slammed the Zuma-led administration for paving way for corruption at every level of government, making poverty‚ unemployment‚ crime and poor service delivery the order of the day in the most provinces.

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