‘I Lied About E-Tags’, Radio Personality Tbo Touch Confesses


Radio personality Tbo Touch made a shocking confession that got tongues wagging recently. He did not just lie about supporting e-tolls, he also confessed that he does not even have an e-tag on his own cars.

In 2015, celebrities like Touch, Minnie Dlamini and Khanyi Mbau were selected to promote Sanral’s marketing campaign. The contract saw them use their faces and voices on TV and radio adverts to encourage motorists to buy e-tags.

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One of the videos released at the time captured Touch saying: “Like many South Africans I was quite reluctant at the call for us to pay for e-tolling. I didn’t accept it at first … but it makes sense. We enjoy better roads today because somebody conceptualised a better South Africa that’s going to work beyond 2020″.

Contrary to the picture he painted, Touch revealed in an interview with Gareth Cliff on CliffCentral on Thursday morning, that he had lied. In the interview, which coincided with the launch of their business venture – Touch Central – radio personality Tbo Touch said that the advert was a charade put up to earn more money.

“Of course, I don’t even have an e-tag. I lied. I don’t. Go down to my car right now. Yeah, go check,” he told Gareth.

Apparently, the business mogul couldn’t turn Sanral down on that offer, so he grabbed it.

“There’s things I’ll do because it’s not going to hurt me. It’s not going to change the price of milk. So, they called me – I’ve got an offer for you. Why not?”

According to Touch, celebrities are “commercial brands.”

Touch and Gareth recently joined forces to launch an entertainment company they called Touch Central. The entertainment company is the first of its kind. It will provide a free non-stop online music channel to subscribers.