Radio Jocks Euphonik And Somizi Accused Of Ganging Up On Bonang


Radio Jocks Euphonik and Somizi have been hung out to dry in Twitter town as users are accusing Euphonik of being a “bitter ex” while Somizi was labeled a “snake.”

Apparently, Euphonik’s recent comments about his ex-girlfriend Bonang Matheba was nopt welcomed by many. In an interview on Monday evening with Siyabonga Ngwekazi on Vuzu TV’s The Cover, Euphonik opened up about his failed relationship with Bonang.

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Call him bitter or whatever, the radio jock had a lot of negative things to say about Queen B. In fact, he reiterated his opinion that his ex is ‘crazy’. Notable, Bonang has previously been referred to as ‘hlanyos,’; meaning ‘a crazy person’ by the same guy.

In Euphonik’s world, crazy best defines Bonang;

“I was with Bonang for seven years, and she’s gotten up to a lot of nonsense, and I’ve kept quiet about it.”

“She is (crazy). In my opinion. Where I come from. From where I’m standing,” he said.

Also, Euphonik hinted that he could always have Bonang at his beck and call if he wanted to.

“You cannot date someone for seven years and not know how to get them back,” he boasted.

Meanwhile, Twitter sprang to the defense of the lady in distress (Queen B). Euphonik’s comments were followed by a severe backlash from Twitter users. And of course, social activist Ntsiki Mazwai was there to blatantly accuse him of being a “bitter ex.”

As the interview progressed, Euphonik spoke about his aspiration to become a billionaire. To make this a reality, he enlightened us about his current investment in 41 properties. This caught Somizi’s attention who quickly commended his efforts.

However, his comment also stirred controversy as Twitter users labeled him a ‘snake.’ He was accused of joining forces with given Bonang’s “bitter ex” forgetting that he was once her BFF.

BTW, can’t wait to hear what AKA will say Radio Jocks Euphonik and Somizi. I mean, he never disappoints.