Controversial Radio Jock Phat Joe Still At Sea Why Kaya FM Axed Him


Seven years after controversial radio jock Phat Joe was axed from Kaya FM, he still remains in the dark as to why he got the boot from the station.

However, several reports suggested that Phat Joe was fired from Kaya FM for making derogatory comments about Mzansi’s golden girl; Caster Semenya.

Nevertheless, the radio jock who is prone to controversies maintained that he was not given a reason at the time of the axing.

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Back in 2009, Joe’s on air comments about the athlete caused some major upheavals. During his breakfast show on Kaya FM, he reportedly asked whether Caster has ever had her period. Like that wasn’t enough, he referred to her as having ‘internal testicles’. This was based on what an article alleged about Semenya’s medical results.

The comments were quickly followed by disapproval from callers. Alas, he hit back at the callers saying: “What is the difference between testes and testicles? Let’s say she has testes… Does it mean she is a man or a woman? She is either a natural phenomenon, or something is wrong and something should be fixed.”

Subsequently, we all know what followed shortly after. Not only was radio jock Phat Joe fired, he allegedly was not told why. However, the station reportedly said that his ‘statements threatened its relationship with listeners and advertisers’. On the contrary, after all these years, Joe still claims that Kaya FM dismissed him without any reason.

“I still don’t know why I got fired. They have not given the reason for firing me. No meeting was called to explain this and I wasn’t told why. I still have the letter on email,” he said.

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Meanwhile, trouble seems to trail controversial radio jock Phat Joe wherever he goes. Barely two weeks after taking over the drive time slot on East Coast Radio last month, there were calls to have him removed from the show.

According to listeners, he regularly made “racist and sexual comments” on-air and they won’t have any of it. Though he’s no stranger to backlashes, this may be bigger than him as the report has gathered support.