Audio: Gareth Cliff Accuses Zuma Of Robbing The Nation And Moving Money Offshore


In the wake of Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan falling victim of the Hawks witch-hunt, radio jock Gareth Cliff has taken aim at President Jacob Zuma.

News making the headlines reveal that the honorable minister received a summons to appear before the Hawks on Thursday.

Apparently, the Hawks are investigating allegations related to Gordhan’s role in the formation and activities of the so-called “rogue unit” set up when he was head of the SA Revenue Service.

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However, Gordhan decided to heed the advice of his legal team not to comply with the summons. Moreover, Gordhan maintained that the unit in question was established under ministerial approval.

Speaking on the whole charade, Cliff blatantly accused president Zuma of trying to “escape with as much money as he can from state enterprises.”

On his radio show,‚ radio jock Gareth Cliff launched a scathing attack on the president. Without mincing words, Cliff narrated how the president has been robbing the nation.

Hear him:

“What is wrong with this guy. You know‚ he’s got this thing about state capture‚ his whole point‚ his whole purpose. Now he realises that power is starting to slip away from him‚ so he’s on a massive greed binge‚ and he’s trying to get as much money out of the system as he can.”

According to Cliff, Zuma has realized that ‘power is slipping’ away from his hands coupled with the pressure from the ANC. Thus he has set his mind on paving the way for himself and his family in the near future.

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“Mark these words‚ because this is what’s gonna happen: the president is gonna take every cent he can‚ he’s already moving it all offshore. I’m not sure how‚ I don’t know the details‚ but this is what I suspect is happening. This guy is busy raping the state-owned enterprises as we speak of every last cent of cash that he can‚” Cliff claimed.

Cliff also claimed that the Minister of Finance is a big obstacle blocking Zuma’s way to the treasury. Continuing, Cliff claimed that this is why Zuma is out to oust him by all means.