JHB: White Woman’s Racist Rant May Attract Some Hate Speech Charges


The South African National Civic Organisation (Sanco) on Friday called for action to be taken against “a woman motorist for a racist rant after she was involved in a smash and grab incident in Johannesburg”.

The hate speech that everyone is talking about was described by Sanco as “hateful” and “vitriolic”.

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The spiteful racist rant was aired by eNCA, but Sanco took exception to the part where the woman said: “One k***** is bad enough. This happens all the time‚ all the time. The k*****s here in Johannesburg are terrible‚ I’m so sick of it,” she ranted.

The climax of the hate speech was when she viciously added, “If I see a black person I will drive them over. If I… if I have a gun‚ I will shoot everyone.”

Speaking for Sanco, Jabu Mahlangu said, “We wish to condemn in the strongest terms possible the hateful‚ vitriolic insults and threats that were thrown around including at a black police officer that arrived at the crime scene with his white colleague.”

“Such provocative insults if not adequately addressed will only serve to polarise racial relations‚ reopen old wounds and the ugly past that the majority in the country chose to put behind.”

Mahlangu added that “her venom was redirected to police officers who had arrived to help” and she was filmed “spewing further insults‚ including saying:

“I can tell you now‚ the calibre of blacks in this town vary from the calibre of blacks in Durban. They’re opinionated‚ they’re arrogant and they’re just plain and simple useless”.

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When one of the policemen made a move to calm her down the woman then made it clear that she would be happier if a white, coloured or Indian person assists her, but she wouldn’t accept help from a black person.