Do You Know That Racist Judge Mabel Jansen Is The Daughter Of Apartheid Era Judge?


Racist Judge Mabel Jansen, who sparked off anger in South Africa last weekend following a racist comment is the granddaughter of a former apartheid minister of native affairs and the daughter of a judge who once ruled in favour of Nelson Mandela.

This information was extracted from the Pretoria High Court judge’s transcript submitted in October 2013 when she got interviewed for the position of a judge.

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It was also found that her grandfather, Ernest George Jansen, was an advocate who joined the National Party and was the second-to-last governor-general of the Union of South Africa from 1950 to 1959.

He was also the minister of native affairs on two occasions after which he handed power over to Hendrik Verwoerd.

The said transcript, which was released by SA’s Judicial Service Commission, also indicated that Jansen’s father, Erns Louis Jansen was an Appeal Court judge. He was the man behind a 1983 judgment in Mandela vs Minister of Prisons case.

At that time when Mandela and others were barred from having access to adequate legal representation, it was Jansen who okayed the right of prisoners to hand over written instructions to legal advisers without the consent of the commissioner of prisons.

Jansen’s comments have not really gone down well with most South Africans though she asserted that she made the remarks because 99% of criminal cases she heard involve black fathers/uncles/brothers raping children as young as five years old.

She said after going through her files, all she saw was “rape, rape rape rape rape rape of minors by black family members. It is never ending.”

Though her post has really landed her on a battle field, she maintains that she is not a racist and indicated that she ”raised two black orphans”.

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Meanwhile, in order to have time for the battle ahead, Jansen was granted a ‘special leave’ yesterday. Also, the Black Lawyers’ Association president, Lutendo Sigogo, stated that the association “believe that Judge Jansen will take cognisance of the request by the JSC for her to take special leave and do the honourable thing: to resign with immediate effect.”

Call For Racist Judge Mabel Jansen To Be Removed

As at Tuesday afternoon, a petition on, which called on the JSC and the department of justice to show Jansen the exit door had more than 5 000 electronic signatures.

Many believe that racist judge Mabel Jansen purportedly asserted that rape was part of the culture of black men.

Since this year, the country has been hit by a spate of racist rows mostly triggered by comments on social media irrespective of the fact that white minority rule and legalized racism ended in 1994.

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