Racism Has Taken Over Stellenbosch University And Nobody Cares: Watch Documentary


We’re all tried of racism, we’re tired of discussing this topic, and we’re fed up with this nonsense of Some South Africans treating others as inferior. We’re all humans, we’re all South Africans and those are the things that matter. We all deserve to be respected, we all deserve to treated equally, and fairly too. Segregation should be a thing of the past amidst South Africans, discrimination shouldn’t thrive in the country and racism ought to be long dead in South Africa.

It is however disgusting and shameful that the color of a student’s skin is still a big issue in Stellenbosch University. As such, demonstrating that Professor Jonathan Jansen, the vice-chancellor and rector of the University of the Free State was speaking frankly when he recently told South Africa’s educationists that they were “training barbarians who are racist and sexist.”

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For so long, South Africans have suffered prejudice at the Stellenbosch University and like every other negative issue in South Africa, nothing is being done to remedy the situation, nobody cares as none is apparently listening. To gain our attention as South Africans, a documentary about the lives of students who attend Stellenbosch University in South Africa was produced and titled “Luister” the Afrikaans word for “listen”. In the documentary, students narrate cases of racial prejudice they’ve encountered at the Stellenbosch University coupled with the challenges they face as they struggle to familiarize themselves with the predominant use of Afrikaans as a medium of instruction.

The documentary  captures students whose stories have been ignored in a series of interview that will get you wondering whether the narrations are based on the apartheid era. For instance, a guy got his face splashed with alcohol for dancing with a White lady, one was told he’s “too light” for his race, another was asked to go to the zoo where he belong, and jesters tell unfunny jokes about black people. Watch the documentary below and see for yourself the depressing testimonies of thirty-two students and one lecturer from Stellenbosh University and its Agricultural college.

Reporting this situation, eNCA stated that the University, in a statement said there are certain misrepresentations in the documentary like the claim that the University takes disciplinary action against students who participate in protests. According to the University, that’s not the case as “the University acknowledged in various communication pieces this year the right of students to take part in protest action, provided that it takes place within the rules and guidelines applicable to the entire campus community; that academic and administrative activities are not disrupted; that the rights of fellow students to study are not infringed upon; and that no risks are created. Actions such as the disruption of a lecture, the sit-in in an administrative building and the disruption of a careers fair in July are completely unacceptable and the University has an obligation to act against the guilty parties in these cases.”

Also, the documentary was debunked for creating the impression that the management does not listen to students. Insisting that staff and students have always been encouraged to enter into conversation with the school management as far as mutual respect which is a key principle that guarantees meaningful conversation is maintained.

The school management however affirmed that the issues raised in the documentary are factual when it stated that the “management is not apathetic towards these issues and confirms that these are the kind of issues that are currently receiving pertinent attention on various levels and in high-level discussions with various groups and individuals on campus.”

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