DA Dares Minister Dlamini To Survive On R753 For A Month


Following a reply to a DA parliamentary question wherein the Minister of Social Development, Bathabile Dlamini, stated that Social Grant beneficiaries should be able to live on R753 per month and buy “adequate food” with “additional non-food items”, the Democratic Alliance party challenged the Minister to buy R753 of food and essential items for an entire month.

Citing the almost hyper-inflated food prices, DA contended that Dlamini’s assertion is “deeply insensitive and completely untrue.”

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According to the opposition party, Dlamini’s response demonstrates that the present ANC is different from the ANC that championed the liberation of South Africa.

“This uncaring response demonstrates yet again just how much the ANC has changed. The ANC governs like black lives don’t matter, more concerned with benefiting from state resources than helping those most in need.”

DA argued that the recent increases to Social Grant isn’t enough. To them, the increases “were well below food inflation.”

That, they said, diminished the buying power of the most vulnerable in South Africa, “making it harder for them to put food on the table.”

“That is why the DA tried to amend the budget to increase provision for social grants. The fact that the ANC voted it down proved that they don’t have the poor’s best interest at heart.

With the foregoing, Maimane’s party demanded Minister Dlamini to join them on a trip to the shops to test her claim that R753 can buy adequate food and other essential items.

Bridget Staff Masango, the Shadow Minister of Social Development said she’ll issue a written invitation to the Minister on that today.

Meanwhile, the party launched a petition yesterday demanding the government increase social grants.

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They petitioned that they cannot allow the most vulnerable in South Africa to continue to suffer because of an uncaring government.