R6 Million Zuma Statue: There’s Nothing To Celebrate About Zuma’s Legacy


The Democratic Alliance has slammed plans by the Northwest province to build a Zuma Statue that would be worth R6 million of tax-payers money.

According to reports by the DA, the North West Provincial government plans to build a statue of president Jacob Zuma in celebration of his legacy and his tremendous achievements as South Africa’s president.

Zuma, who was elected president in 2009, is expected to step aside after the 2019 general election that will see the end of his eight years service to the country.

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Jacob Zuma is referred to as the most colorful and controversial president South Africa has had since white-minority rule ended in 1994. His poor roots, charisma, and strength in adversity partly explain his ability to hold on to power, despite calls for his resignation and attempts to oust him as ANC leader though it’s been severely battered following series of demeaning allegations of corruptions and gross misconduct.

The DA who revealed the proposed building of the Zuma statue slammed the North West Provincial government for its plans saying that there is nothing to celebrate about his legacy.

According to reports by Bussinesstech, the party’s North West leader Joe McGluwa expressed his disgust at the provincial government’s tender for the Zuma statue, which is expected to cost as much as R6 million of taxpayers’ money.

“(Zuma’s) regime has left 9 million people unemployed. A regime that has let corruption flourish, and has allowed the state to be captured by his cronies and pals”.

McGluwa said that the Zuma statue which is expected to be built along the N4 in Groot Marico, North West Province, will leave the country with nothing more than “a monument to corruption and unemployment”, adding that there was nothing to celebrate about Zuma’s presidency.

The statue project, according to the party, will be headed by ‘premier league’ member Supra Mahumapelo (premier of the North West), and it would be another example that Zuma’s government will put the president and the ANC ahead of the people of the North West.

McGluwa further noted that the North West had the highest unemployment rate in South Africa at 44.6% and that the people of Gopane, Zeeruse, where the Zuma statue would be erected, are in critical need of services

“Supra Mahumapelo’s priorities are clearly disturbingly skewed to praise Jacob Zuma, rather than deliver to the people,” McGluwa said.

“Premier Supra must immediately halt the building of what will be a monument to corruption and unemployment, (and he) must redirect the millions this will cost to service delivery and job creation,” he said.

The DA said it will announce further action against the statue, which it deems an “unwarranted waste of public money”.

Meanwhile, Zuma is reportedly pressuring some ANC leaders to campaign for his ex-wife Dlamini-Zuma as the next president.

A Recent report has it that the likes of the KwaZulu-Natal ANC chairperson Sihle Zikalala have been pressured by Zuma to drum up support for Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma to be the next president.

Despite the fact that the ANC’s national executive committee (NEC) had banned its structures last month from engaging in its succession debate before it officially opened the process, a source within the ANC revealed that Zikalala was summoned by Zuma to his Nkandla homestead and questioned on the province’s silence on pronouncing on Dlamini Zuma when the provincial ANC Youth League had already done so.

Zuma then told Zikalala that he should make Nkosazana’s name fly because he (Zikalala) also did not have support prior to the provincial congress but he (Zuma) rallied behind him until he defeated Senzo Mchunu.

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Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma is expected to battle it out with the widely commended deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa, among many other interested candidates, come 2019.

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