Eastern Cape Roads Suffer Snow Fall Havoc As Chilly Weekend Unfolds


Following severe snow falls on the R58 road between Elliot and Barkley East, traffic law enforcement officers in the Eastern Cape have issued a warning to travelers intending to use the road

In the bid to avoid any casualties over the weekend, Deputy Director of law enforcement, Mayenzeke Dada, has advised motorists travelling via the route to look for alternatives.

Traffic law enforcement officers are busy trying to get rid of the the snow covering the R58 road.

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Daba says:

“Motorists that will be travelling through R58 between Elliot and Barkly East are advised not to use that road because of heavy snow fall. Traffic officers and police are busy trying to arrange that the snow can be removed we encouraged everybody who travels that route to be careful because there’s high snow in the area.”

About 30% chance of showers and rain are expected through the whole province today as the cold weekend unfolds.

More weather update from the South African Weather Service says KwaZulu-Natal should brace itself for a chilly weekend as temperatures less than 20 degrees will descend on Saturday.

The weather forecast also informed that people who will go to the Vodacom Durban July should equip themselves with umbrellas as showers are to be expected.

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For Durban, forecaster Stacy Colborne says a 30% chance of rain Saturday afternoon should be expected.

“We can expect 30% chance of showers and rain over the whole province today. It should be cloudy conditions and very cold over the western parts of KZN. Durban itself they can expect a 30% chance of showers and rain from about 2 o’clock in the afternoon onwards and it should be cloudy and cold conditions,” says Colborne.