Zuma Takes R273,972 Per Day For Presidential Jet


It’s our duty as South Africans to foot the traveling bills of our honorable Presidents.

Nonetheless, the DA thinks it’s irrational for President Zuma to get R273,972 per day for the lease of a presidential jet.

To the DA, the amount is more than double the price of a first class round-trip to London.

This information, culled from a response to a parliamentary question, revealed that R100 million has been allocated for the leasing of the VIP-configure jet for the 2016/17 financial year.

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According to the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans, Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula, the amount is for the leasing of a presidential jet for Zuma.

Reacting, the DA wailed that there is no justification for such extravagance while the South African economy is under extraordinary fiscal pressure and facing a potential ratings downgrade.

The party argued that VIP travel has become a fiscal black-hole costing South Africans many millions under Zuma’s government.

“Yet in the latest batch of replies to questions relating to Zuma’s travel costs, the Minister again refused to make the information public for ‘security reasons’,” lamented the DA.

The opposition party asserted that the refusal is a desperate attempt to prevent the public from knowing how much the President is wasting on luxurious travel.

“…Under President Mbeki, detailed information about flights was provided to Parliament including the routing, flying hours, landing fees and catering costs for every flight.

If President Zuma is serious about stabilizing our economic outlook then he must personally set an example of restraint, and order the Minister not to proceed with plans to lease the aircraft.

President Zuma continues to put himself ahead of ordinary South Africans and remains committed to self-enrichment and the capture of state assets for his personal benefit,” DA stated.

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Meanwhile, the DA leader divulged that he’ll be asking President Zuma to “explain and clarify his questionable new role at the helm of South Africa’s crippled State-Owned Entities (SOEs)

“South Africans will be watching tomorrow’s session for answers on how President Zuma plans to pull his government together between now and December, end the war in the cabinet, and stave off a downgrade,” Maimane remarked.