Jubilation As State Drops Charges Against Mother Who Killed Her Daughter’s Rapist


Charges against a mother accused of murdering one man and attempting to murder two other men who allegedly raped her daughter in Qumbu village in the Eastern Cape have been dropped by the National Prosecution Authority (NPA).

The woman, who was dubbed “lion mama” and “warrior woman” for her bravery in saving her helpless daughter was cleared of wrongdoing on Monday following her appearance at the Lady Frere Magistrates’ Court.

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The National director of public prosecutions (NDPP) Shaun Abrahams said the decision to drop the charges was triggered by insufficient evidence on the matter.

Abrahams disclosed that after sourcing statements and a police investigation, the prosecution authority found no sufficient evidence to prosecute the brave mother.

The spokesperson of the NPA in Eastern Cape, Luxolo Tyali said in a statement:

“The state has withdrawn the charges. This means that she is free, and the state will not be pursuing criminal charges against her. The decision was taken by the NDPP – he looked at the docket, and based on the evidence a decision was taken not to proceed with the case.”

Shortly after the announcement, the decision was met with loud cheers and excitement by sympathetic community members who have fully supported the woman’s action from the beginning.

They also celebrated the court outcome at the Lady Frere city hall, where most of them took turns in hugging and showing her love for the victory.

BuzzSouthAfrica was informed that the incident happened in September at an unoccupied house in Qumbu village in Zwartwater‚ near Komani in the Eastern Cape.

At the time, lion mama’s 27-year-old daughter was said to have been taken to the unoccupied house by three men, known for causing trouble in the village.

The mother reportedly called the police to alert them but none of them responded to her call. At a second thought, she then took a kitchen knife to the crime scene and stabbed the three men. One of them later died.

Following the incident, she was subsequently arrested and charged with two counts of attempted murder and one count of murder. She was subsequently released on bail of R500.

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In an interview, she told reporters that she has been enduring sleepless nights before today’s court case. The brave mother, however, expressed happiness with the NPA’s decision not to charge her for saving her daughter.

The two men accused of raping lion mama’s daughter will appear in court on October 12.