The Quest For Gareth Cliff’s Replacement On Idols SA…


While fans are eager to hear who Gareth Cliff’s replacement on Idols will be, M-Net is still mum over the issue.

Cliff took everyone by surprise when he announced on Monday that he would be leaving the show at the end of the current season. In other words, he’s ready to bid his goodbyes after spending more than a decade on the show.

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Consequently, he wrote on his social media accounts;

“It’s time! After eleven seasons of Idols, it’s time for me to say goodbye. What better way to bring this chapter to a close than a trip to New York and meeting American Idols judge Harry Connick Jr and being on his post-Idols show.”

News of Cliff’s resignation was met with mixed reactions on social media. Following the announcement, Twitter was abuzz with comments on his resignation. For the most part, a lot of fans were saddened by the news of Gareth Cliff’s resignation as Idols SA judge. Thus, they inundated the site with posts expressing their regrets and how much they will miss him.

On the other hand, other fans of the show expressed joy that he has left. Some even suggested who should replace him. And for some others, it’s a way of opening up the industry for new faces. Despite several speculations, we are not yet sure who will get the spot.

In the meantime, M-Net has confirmed that there’s no confirmation yet for Gareth Cliff’s replacement on the show.

“No decision has been made at this stage. We will communicate any further developments in due course,” said M-Net’s Nondumiso Mabece.

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Earlier this year, Cliff was caught up in a web of controversies following a statement he made on Twitter. Cliff found himself in the middle of a heated debate concerning estate agent Penny Sparrow’s racists rant. Eventually, he was fired by M-Net who later reinstated him after Cliff won a court case he opened against them.