Punnish The ANC At The Polls Or You’ll Pay Higher Taxes‚ COPE Warns


The Congress of the People (Cope) has called on all eligible south Africans voters to work together to ensure that the ruling ANC is shown the way out in the coming elections else they will face the danger of paying higher taxes.

The party had on Friday pointed out through its leader, Dennis Bloem, the need for corruption to be rooted out in the country and the political leaders and for the ruling ANC to be totally punished  for their dealings.

Bloem said the August 3 election is the best time for citizens to correct past mistakes and “stop its leaders and cadres from endlessly looting state resources”.

“It is in our own interest‚ to punish the ANC severely at the polls on August 3…otherwise it will be business as usual. The economy will take a further beating for the remainder of the year, and taxes will largely increase.

“Only by punishing the party will it feel compelled to govern in keeping with the Constitution and the rule of law‚” Cope’s Dennis Bloem said.

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Speaking further, COPE’s Bloem said the country is losing money and the economy isn’t growing as expected because foreign investors have lost interest and hope in the country.

“Investors want long-term policy certainty. The greater the certainty‚ the higher will be their investment‚” Bloem added.

“The ruling party is failing to listen and unwilling to comply on this issue.”

According to him also, a continued support for the ruling party, the ANC,  would result in South African Airways continuing to delay submitting its financials, the Post Office will go on begging‚ the SA Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) will be a law unto itself,  and the Parliament will remain as chaotic as ever and cadres across the public service will drain the country totally dry.

“The upshot of all of the financial irregularities will inevitably mean a declining economy‚ growing unrest and higher taxes for fewer and inferior services‚” said Bloem.

ANC Confident Of Winning

Meanwhile, against all speculations, the ruling ANC has remained convinced that the coming elections in August will turn out victorious for the party.

President Zuma pointed this out on several occasions while campaigning for the party in most municipalities. One of such is during his visit at the ANCYL) rally at the Absa Stadium in Durban where the party had an election countdown watch.

There he maintained that no other political party can govern the country like the ANC, He added that the party has a good track record of providing basic services such as water and electricity to South Africans.

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However, COPE, like other political parties willing to oust the ruling party, has warned the people to put at heart that the ANC needs to be moved out for the growth and benefit of the country.