Public Protector Mkhwebane Is Being Remote-controlled To Undo Madonsela’s Work


The Congress of the People (COPE) says Public Protector Mkhwebane is being remote-controlled to undo all the good work that Madonsela has done.

According to COPE, it is very odd that Mkhwebane is pretending she is not hating Madonsela and has nothing sinister against her whereas it is very vivid that she wants to distance herself from the Capture of State Report and undo all the good work that Madonsela has done.

The party advised Public Protector Mkhwebane that she must distance herself from President Zuma and move closer to her predecessor Adv Madonsela.

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That’s the only way to “win over our support and convince us and millions of other citizens that (you don’t) have any sinister agenda.

“(You are) there to defend the public and not Mr Zuma and his government,” COPE said.

Adding that they were very sober in their decision when they abstained during the voting on the Public Protector in Parliament, COPE expressed that they didn’t support her appointment because they wanted to give her time to prove herself and show that she is the right person for the office.

“After her 100 days in office we can only say we don’t regret not voting for her.

“It is very clear that she is pursuing an agenda that is remote-controlled from somewhere. Part of the agenda and the programme of action is to fight and discredit the good reputation of her predecessor Adv Thuli Madonsela,” asserted COPE.

The party argued that it’s shady for Public Protector Mkhwebane to announce that she has filed notice to oppose the application of President Zuma in the Capture of State Report; and as well, indicate that she’s waiting for legal opinion from Senior Counsel.

“The latest development is that she agrees with Mr Zuma on the process on the appointment of the judge to head the judicial commission of inquiry.

She disagrees with Madonsela that the Chief Justice Moegeng Moegeng must give Mr Zuma a name of the judge for the commission,” lamented Cope.

In another press release COPE issued concerning the 2017 State of the Nation Address (SONA), the party charged President Zuma to safe South Africa the pain of lies and deception by announcing his resignation.

“Since his ignoble inauguration in 2009, Mr Zuma has announced nothing inspiring or visionary as State President. Many of his promises have been vague in detail or simply disingenuous, to say the least.

“Mr Zuma is a miserable ANC factory flop. He is incapable of rescuing the nation from the economic misery that he and his deeply divided party have created,” stated COPE.

COPE made a similar call the previous week in reaction to the call from Gauteng ANCYL for Premier David Makhura to resign over the death of 94 mentally ill patients in the province.

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Then, the party accused Mr Zuma of presiding over the Marikana massacre, the cold-blooded murder of Andries Tatane and many others who died demanding their basic human rights.