Proverb And Wife Onalerona Get A Divorce Over Cheating Scandal


Turns out some of the couples we thought could break the ‘celebrity short marriage’ streak were not actually above it, they were just waiting for the right time to dash our hopes against the rocks. To prove this, SA idols presenter Proverb and his beautiful and adorable wife Onalerona have called it quits and decided to go their separate ways.

This may come as a shock to many since the couple who were high school sweethearts have been married for 10 years with two beautiful kids. However so many others say they had been expecting the break up sooner as it was rumored earlier this year, that Onalerona was cheating on her husband with wealthy business man Edwin Sodi. The pair are said to have met at a car wash two years ago and had traveled to Dubai together under the guise of a business trip. At first, Proverb refuted the claims but later backtracked and admitted his wife had cheated on him.  He then took to twitter to announce it thereby fueling the rumor which made all the proper rounds.proverb-onalerona-devorce

At first, it looked like the couple were trying to work out their differences and to save their troubled marriage. But apparently, their efforts have not paid off if they chose to call it quits. Proverb was quoted on the latest issue of Drum Magazine where he confirmed that even though he still cares a great deal for his wife, the sobering reality of the highly publicized extra marital affair between her and the alleged businessman has driven a wedge between them. The rapper added that he is ready to start a new life without Onalerona.

“My sole focus is one raising my kids”,

“I don’t have faith in my marriage anymore, because I feel like I have been living a lie for 10 years. Now at least I know the truth, so I can move on.”

Onalerona on her part, took to facebook to say that they parted ways amicably. The post read:

“Thank you for all the support and love that you have shown me. Today marks a new beginning for all of us. The divorce order has been granted.

“Through Gods grace and faith, I believe that God will continue to be faithful to us and lead in our lives. My prayer is for us to continue to have the heart to always forgive and cherish every new day that God blesses us with.”


She deleted the post almost immediately after she uploaded it. Also, she has reverted back to her maiden name Moreo.