Gordhan’s Impending Arrest Leaves Treasury Vulnerable


Following reports of his impending arrest, Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan has requested for the SA Treasury to be protected against highjackers in order to ensure economic growth.

Accusing fingers are pointing towards a faction in government that is strongly opposed to Gordhan of wanting to hijack the SA Treasury and by so doing, loosen strict monetary policy and fiscal discipline.

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Gordhan broke the ice yesterday over reports that he could soon be placed under arrest for his involvement in a so-called rogue/spy unit while he was the SARS commissioner.

He said he has contacted his lawyers who will now take up the case and meet with the Hawks and the National Prosecuting Authority on his behalf.

Reacting to the arrest rumours, Gordhan described the reports as extremely distressing. Adding that he finds it difficult to believe that he is being investigated and could possibly be charged of something he has repeatedly said he is innocent of.

Earlier this year, Gordhan received a list of questions regarding the aforementioned rogue unit that existed while he was the SARS commissioner.

However, Gordhan says he has since answered the questions submitted by the Hawks, clearing the cloud looming over the unit, and has not heard from them again.

Speaking in a statement on Tuesday night over his alleged arrest, the minister said he was not aware of any charges or further investigations until the reports surfaced over the weekend.

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Gordhan added that though no one is said to be above the law, he would not be subjected to the manipulation of the law and agencies for ulterior motives.

“Throughout my 45 years of activism, I have worked for the advancement of the ANC, our Constitution and our democratic government. I would never have thought that individuals within the very agencies of this government would now conspire to intimidate and harass me and my family.”