Prophet Uebert Angel’s Biography and Net Worth

Prophet Uebert Angel is a British-Zimbabwean charismatic evangelical preacher and businessman with a net worth of $60 million who serves as the founder of Spirit Embassy (now known as The Good News Church).

He began his ministry in 2007 in the United Kingdom and now has hundreds of churches across the globe. From his successful endeavors as a minister of the Good News and a property tycoon, Prophet Uebert Angel has become quite influential and amassed a significant amount of wealth at the same time.

The businessman is the owner of Billion Group Ltd, the parent company of The Angel Organization, Black Stallion Limited, Sam Barkley Construction Ltd, and The Millionaire Academy. As an international businessman, Prophet Angel has over 200 residential and commercial properties in his portfolio. He is committed to the empowerment and betterment of people’s lives through the Uebert Angel Foundation.

Uebert Angel’s Biography Summary

  • Full name: Uebert Mudzanire
  • Nickname: Prophet Angel
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: September 6th, 1978
  • Uebert Angel’s Age: 45 years old
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Nationality: Zimbabwean and British
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christian
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Uebert Angel’s Wife: Beverly “BeBe” Angel
  • Uebert Angel’s Children: 4 sons, including Uebert Angel Jr., Levi, Jude, and Seth
  • Uebert Angel’s Parents: Samson and Rose Mudzanire
  • Siblings: Limit and Benjamin Mudzanire
  • Uebert Angel’s Height in Inches: 6 feet 0 inch
  • Uebert Angel’s Height in Centimetres: 184 cm
  • Uebert Angel’s Weight: 79 kg (174 lbs)
  • Uebert Angel’s Net worth: $60 million+
  • Famous for: Founder of the Spirit Embassy, The Angel Organization, and The Uebert Angel Foundation
  • Uebert Angel’s Instagram: @uebertangel
  • Twitter: @UebertAngel
  • Facebook: Uebert Angel

How Old is Uebert Angel?

Prophet Uebert Angel is 45 years old. He was born on September 6th, 1978, in Zaka, Zimbabwe. His birth name is Uebert Mudzanire, but he is famously known as Uebert Angel. He adopted the name “Angel” after claiming that God had called him to preach the Good News, perform signs and wonders, and heal sick people.

Considered one of the youngest and most successful charismatic preachers, Angel began his ministerial work in his late 20s. Before turning 40, he has already become well-known for his exploits as a ministry founder, televangelist, and an international business tycoon.

Where is Uebert Angel From?

Prophet Angel was born in Zaka, Zimbabwe, and spent his childhood years in Masvingo, Zimbabwe, before moving to the city of Manchester in England, where he kicked off his ministry. His parents were Samson and Rose Mudzanire. They are both late.

His father passed away in May 2016 at the age of 80, while his mother died in December 2021 at 81. The charismatic televangelist has two brothers named Limit and Benjamin Mudzanire. They came to the limelight in 2014 when he was involved in a fraud case.

Following the controversy for which the court issued his arrest warrant, Prophet Angel left Zimbabwe. Later in 2016, the arrest warrant was canceled, and soon after, he returned to his home country. Since then, he has been carrying out his ministry works in Zimbabwe. Also, having spent several years in England, Uebert Angel is an English national, too.

Uebert Angel’s Education

Despite being engaged in his work as an evangelical preacher, Uebert Angel has made efforts to boost his profile in society by adding many educational qualifications to his portfolio. As a professional financier and former finance instructor, Angel holds two finance degrees from Salford University in the United Kingdom, including a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Finance (2005).

He also bagged a post-graduate Diploma in Education from the University of Bolton in Manchester in 2006 and a Master’s degree in Applied Philosophy from the University of Wales in Cardiff. Later in 2020, he completed a Master’s degree programme at the University of Edinburgh Napier, where he achieved a Master of Science in Business Management (Entrepreneurship).

How Uebert Angel Started His Church

In 2007, Prophet Uebert Angel co-founded Spirit Embassy with his better half, BeBe Angel. The church was renamed The Good News Church in October 2015. He serves as the leader of The Good News Movement, which has transformed over 20 regions worldwide. The movement works to inspire entrepreneurs to business success, alleviate poverty and provide free education to urban and impoverished communities.

Over the years, the Good News Church has attained massive memberships. It now has more than 270 churches in several countries, including the United States, Germany, Ghana, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Russia. The prophet regularly organizes global crusades, of which some have drawn crowds of over 100,000. Alongside his wife BeBe Angel, who is a prophetess in The Good News Church, Uebert Angel has impacted millions of lives.

The two share a great passion for winning souls through the revelation of the Good News of God’s grace. Following years of full-time ministry, the prophet and his wife are now regarded among the leading forces of the Good News movement and the modern-day Prophetic Movement. His prophetic teachings are aired online on Sky TV Channel 596, GoodNews TV, AtomGram & Facebook, and YouTube channel.

As a leading global voice and pioneer of cutting-edge prophetic demonstrations, Uebert Angel has raised powerful men and women of God worldwide who are making an impact by changing lives daily. Also, he has allegedly raised 29 dead bodies and produced miracle money inside the pockets of his congregants in South Africa and Botswana.

How Uebert Angel’s Net Worth was Accrued

The Angel Organization founder is one of the wealthiest evangelical preachers from Africa, as he has attained a net worth of over $60 million. He has diverse income sources centered mainly on his ministerial works and business endeavors. He has many online bible schools and has launched a handful of TV channels.

He equally has established some real estate and construction companies. The businessman is said to have more than 200 properties in his real-estate portfolio, which accounts for a huge portion of his total wealth.

Ministerial Works

As a preacher of the Good News, Prophet Uebert Angel has built some portion of his total wealth from his diverse works in ministry. He is the founder of the Osbourn Institute of Theology. Also, he organizes an exclusive membership programme known as UAMA for people from all walks of life who have the urge to grow in ministry.

He has launched some TV channels in the past years on which he broadcasts his church programmes and regularly carries out speaking engagements on behalf of the Good News Church. He founded GoodNews TV and Miracle TV in a quest to provide a globally accessible platform for his prophetic teachings.

The preacher also has partnership programmes whereby people become GoodNews World partners by making donations to advance the Good News Church and its charity projects. Uebert Angel additionally created a social media app called AtomGram. It’s being used by its members to connect and communicate with one another.

Osbourn Institute of Theology (OIT)

The Osbourn Institute of Theology is an online theology school founded by Prophet Angel. It is fully accredited by Transworld Accrediting Commission International and offers a Certificate and Diploma in Christain Theology. Osbourn Institute of Theology is designed for students of all economic backgrounds.

It provides an award-winning online learning platform that helps build up men and women with the revealed Word of God. OIT does not only equip its students but also prepares them to share and bear witness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. The theology school fees are as follows:

  • OIT Certificate in Theology (full course) – £499
  • OIT Diploma in Theology (full course) – £799

Note: To register for the Diploma class, one must complete and pass the OIT Certificate in Theology class.

Ministry Academy

Uebert Angel’s Ministry Academy is for those who wish to embark on a spiritual journey that will change their lives forever. The Academy provides highly sought-after training programmes for ministers of the gospel and non-ministers. It is dedicated to equipping the church in areas like soul-winning, starting a ministry, operating the gifts of the Spirit, and the prophetic ministry.

Ministry Academy is overseen by prophet Angel and prophet Jerome Fernando (aka the lion of Asia). The two deliver unique courses that provide a more profound revelation of God and the Word. It is an online programme offered through the zoom platform and has benefitted several men and women. The general admission fee is £190.

Uebert Angel Ministerial Association (UAMA)

Like the Ministry Academy, Uebert Angel runs an exclusive membership programme called UAMA. It is created for people who desire to enrich their spiritual lives and grow in ministry. Believing in the importance of the local church, the charismatic preacher provides an exclusive opportunity for ministry founders to be part of the Uebert Angel Ministerial Association.

Not only will they receive membership, but they will have exclusive access to a range of benefits, including:

  • Motivational messages
  • Opportunity for one-on-one meetings with prophet Uebert Angel at GoodNews World events
  • Private social media groups with membership networking opportunities
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Private phone calls and Q&A sessions (based on availability)
  • Closed group coaching sessions with free broadcast replays
  • Preferential seating at GoodNews World events

UAMA Subscriptions

  • Monthly subscription – £99
  • Six months subscription – £550

GoodNews Daily

GoodNews Daily is the daily devotional of The Good News Church. It serves as a life guide and daily spiritual booster to help believers grow in their walk with God each day. Interestingly, the devotional has a prophetic declaration for each day to assist readers in gaining mastery over any type of life challenges they may be facing.

There have been testimonies of healing and supernatural provision through the profound teachings contained in the GoodNews Daily. The devotional is produced every three months and is available in 17 different languages. GoodNews Daily is free and not sold. Those who wish to partner with The GoodNews World can impact people’s lives around the world by purchasing copies of the daily devotional.

GoodNews World will then send the devotionals to people on behalf of their partners. For instance, a $100 per month partnership will enable the distribution of 20 copies of the GoodNews Daily around the world.

Uebert Angel’s Net Worth Also Comes Through Business Endeavours

Uebert Angel began his business career in 2005 when he launched Club Millionaire Limited. The company provides concierge services to cash-rich but time-poor individuals worldwide. He later plied his business acumen in real estate. He first began with residential properties before moving to the development of commercial properties.

The internationally sought-after business speaker has since founded other companies, including The Billion Group, Sam Berkeley, The Angel Organisation, and The Millionaire Academy.

Sam Berkley Limited

Focused on pre-construction planning and construction management, the popular Zimbabwean televangelist established Sam Berkley Limited in January 2008. He serves as the chief executive officer and president of the construction company.

It leverages extensive design and construction expertise to develop project definition, schedule, scope, and cost at the earliest project stage. With an experienced team, the company plans and coordinates a project from beginning to completion. Sam Berkely is well recognized for fostering innovation and emerging technologies.

Thus far, the company has completed 140 projects in several countries and has worked with 102 contractors. As one of the leaders in quality construction and infrastructure, the Uebert Angel’s construction company uses pre-construction strategies to deliver specific services such as:

  • Preliminary design documents
  • Project schedule
  • Constructability reviews
  • Project cost estimates for both equipment and construction

The Millionaire Academy

In January 2015, Prophet Uebert Angel founded The Millionaire Academy. It is designed for start-up business owners and entrepreneurs at all levels who desire to earn a 7-figure status. The academy provides financial training for business and household wealth. The prophet teaches participants about the most efficient ways to grow their businesses, including financial strategies that will enable them to experience a lifetime of success.

The registration fees for The Millionaire Academy classes include:

  • Platinum Asp Millionaire – £750
  • Gold Asp Millionaire – £700
  • Silver Asp Millionaire – £499
  • Upgrade – Gold to Platinum: £800
  • Upgrade – Silver to Gold: £200
  • Upgrade – Silver to Platinum: £1,050

Uebert Angel is The Author of Several Best-selling Books

In addition to being an eminent evangelical preacher and businessman, prophet Angel is a best-selling author. He has penned many Christian and business books that have sold hundreds of copies in the past years, adding to his fortune. Most of his best-selling books, including ‘Supernatural Power of the Believer’ have sold over 100,000 copies. Prophet Angel’s books include:

  • Supernatural Power of the Believer (2010)
  • Prayer for the Impossible (2012)
  • God’s Medicine (2013)
  • Prayer Banks (2014)
  • The Greatest Secret God Told Me About Money (2015)
  • God’s Get Rich Quick Scheme (2016)
  • Provoking the Angels of Money (2016)
  • Becoming a Millionaire in Real Estate (2016)
  • Good News (2016)
  • Defeating the Demon of Poverty (2016)
  • The Prayer That God Cannot Ignore (2016)
  • How to Hear The Voice of God (2017)
  • Hello Holy Spirit (2019)
  • Genetics of Words (2020)
  • Spiritual Warfare (2020)
  • I Went to Hell (2021)
  • The Money Is Coming (2022)

He Was Appointed Zimbabwe’s Presidential Envoy and Ambassador in 2021

In 2018, Uebert Angel predicted that Dr. Emmerson Mnangagwa would emerge as the President of Zimbabwe during the elections. Later in March 2021, he was honored with the appointment of becoming Zimbabwe’s first Presidential Envoy and Ambassador At Large to the Americas and Europe by Zimbabwean President Mnangagwa.

His primary responsibility is to seek trade and investment opportunities for Zimbabwe from the people in the diaspora. He is expected to use his vast experience as a global business leader and property mogul to promote business and trade that will benefit the country. The televangelist was to receive about $15,000 monthly in salary and perks for his new role, but he reportedly rejected the offer.

Since becoming Zimbabwe’s ambassador at large, he has embarked on several projects and attracted investments from several businesspersons in the diaspora. He has almost completed what would become the largest indoor conference center in Zimbabwe.

The Harare Hippodrome building has a 6,400 seating capacity and is expected to be completed in 2022. Prophet Angel is also constructing a four-story Beethoven Hotel next to the conference center with 40 executive suites situated in Harare’s Braeside suburb.

Additionally, he is building the first transit hotel in Zimbabwe, The Mozzart Hotel, two miles from the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport in Harare. The ambassador has partnered with Harare City Council and some investors to start refurbishing Gwanzura Stadium according to FIFA standards with initial funding of $50,000.

Having brought massive development to his home country through his role as the country’s ambassador at large, prophet Uebert Angel was honored with African Achievers Award in December 2021. The theme of the 11th edition of the Award show, which took place at the Kensington Palace in London, was “Mobilising Diaspora Investments for Sustainable Development in Africa.”

The Prophet Has Been Married For Over 20 Years

Prophet Angel and his significant other have known each other for several decades. The two started dating when BeBe was in her teens. Angel and BeBe eventually tied the knot on December 1st, 2000, at age 22 and 18, respectively.

They have since expanded their family and are proud parents to four boys named Uebert Angel Jr, Levi, Seth, and Jude. In December 2018, when the lovely couple celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary, Uebert Angel took to his Instagram page to appreciate his sweetheart for transforming his life.

In his romantic post, he recounts how BeBe touched his eyes and recalibrated his vision which made him start seeing with the eyes of the Spirit more deeply. He further said that his gorgeous wife had shown him consistent love throughout their marriage. To the surprise of many who thought he entered into the union mature, he only learned what was required of him as a husband a few weeks before their wedding anniversary.

Prophet Angel further cited in the post that down the years, he had been more consumed with the work of the ministry and never realized that fulfilling his responsibility as a husband was his ministry’s first work. And despite his lapses, BeBe still covered him as a rib covers most vital and vulnerable parts.

The cute couple serves as role models to the youths in their ministry. They celebrated their 20th marriage anniversary in 2020 and are still going strong, working together as a team in their business ventures and ministerial works. In 2016, the prophet presented his wife with Lamborghini worth $400,000 as Valentine’s Day gift.

Who is Uebert Angel’s Wife?

The elegant wife of Prophet Uebert Angel, Beverly “BeBe” Angel, serves as the co-founder of The Good News Church. She is a prophetess in the church and works alongside her husband in spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world. She is a preacher and conference speaker and often conducts church services alongside mentorship programmes for the ladies.

One of such programmes is Core 100 with BeBe Angel. It is an exclusive ladies’ mentorship programme for women who desire to grow in their knowledge of Jesus Christ. As a businesswoman, BeBe Angel runs a financial institution in the UK and has been involved in some of her husband’s business ventures.

She serves as the director of companies such as Miracle TV Limited, Coffee Islands (PVT) Ltd, Lion Crest Limited, Black Stallion Limited, and Levi House Limited. She also runs the Uebert Angel Foundation together with her husband. Additionally, BeBe is the chief executive officer of H.O.M.E.

The organization provides educational funding to underprivileged children, builds schools in rural communities, and equally offers care to the elderly. More so, Uebert Angel’s better half serves as the founder of FLAIR, an organization that seeks to mentor women into developing a special love for God. Like her husband, she has penned some books, and they include “Enjoy Life Now,” “Intimacy,” and “Grace Driven Life.”

BeBe Angel was born Beverly Madzudzo on July 4th, 1982, in Zimbabwe. She is a Salford University graduate and holds a degree in Finance from the university. She also bagged a post-graduate degree in Education from the University of Bolton and a Master’s degree in Organisational and Business Psychology from the University of Liverpool, UK.

Meet Uebert and BeBe Angel’s Children

Uebert Angel and his beauteous wife are blessed with four sons, namely Uebert Angel Jr, Levi, Jude, and Seth Angel. With their parents being involved in full-time ministry, it’s no surprise that Uebert and BeBe’s children have followed in their footsteps and are making an impact and changing lives worldwide. While his first son works as a preacher of the Good News, his second son is a gospel singer known for releasing songs such as ‘Sinking Deep’ and ‘Higher.’

The couple’s last two kids are yet to choose a career path. They are still very young and focused on their education.

How Old is Uebert Angel Jr?

Uebert Angel Junior is one of the youngest prophets who make a significant impact on the gospel. He was born on December 26th, 2003, and is presently 20 years old. He holds a degree in Creative Media Production and Computer Science from the College of Lincoln in the United Kingdom. With his father as his mentor, Angel Jr began his ministry at a very young age, and by the time he turned 12, his fame had widely spread across the globe.

With a very strong calling to reach out to the youths, the young preacher travels around the world preaching the gospel and prophesying into people’s lives. He came to the spotlight at Prophet Shepherd Bushiri‘s church service, where he was called by his father to give a word of prophecy. The church service went viral, attaining the youngster a global recognition. As a prophet in The Good News Church, Uebert Angel Jr organizes youth programmes, and they include:

  • Youth Motivated
  • Music Challenge
  • Preach-A-Thon
  • Day in the Life
  • Youth Conference
  • Cross Point

As a vibrant preacher, Angel Jr has scooped some accolades, and they are:

  • The Most Outstanding Youth at Spirit Embassy Award, 2020
  • One of the Top 10 NextTV Partners with @daymanoyakhilome

Furthermore, Uebert Angel’s son serves as the chief executive of Blackgoldh20, a bottled water company he founded in March 2020. The brand currently distributes bottled water in many countries, including South Africa and the UK.

Also, Uebert Angel Jr owns some stakes in some of his father’s companies. Little wonder, the 20-year-old is worth over $10 million. His parents gifted him with a 2021 model Mercedes Benz car on his eighteenth birthday in December 2021.

Uebert Angel’s House and Real Estate Investments

As a businessman committed to real estate investments, Uebert Angel has real estate properties in different countries worldwide. He owns a mansion in Lincoln, UK, called Angel Manor mansion, worth over $4 million. He also purchased a multi-million dollar three-storey conference center in New York City, United States, in April 2022, known as New York Hippodrome.

In January 2022, the prophet reportedly put his private Island on Lake Victoria in East Africa for sale for $4.7 million. The Island is almost 200 acres. Furthermore, during Uebert Angel Jr’s sixteenth birthday, he gifted his young son a furnished mansion valued at over $5 million.

Prophet Angel Has Spent Over $3 Million on Philanthropy

Uebert Angel is a renowned philanthropist who, alongside his wife, has been on a mission to be changing the lives of people in the poorest communities of society by meeting their physical needs with his massive wealth. The two have shown over the years that they are not called to be meeting only the spiritual needs of people but also caring for their physical needs. So, they co-founded a foundation called Uebert Angel Foundation (UAF).

The UAF oftentimes pays the tuition of students in an entire school for a whole year and has given scholarships to over 5,000 students worldwide. In January 2020, the foundation paid the school fees of 797 students at Kadyamadare Primary School in the Chikwaka Communal Lands.

In the next month, UAF further paid tuition and levy fees of 1026 students attending Bota Primary School situated in Masvingo, Zimbabwe. Also, in 2020, Uebert Angel Foundation kicked off a $1 million coronavirus relief aid programme which had seen truckloads of mealie meals supplied to vulnerable families in the rural communities in Zimbabwe.

As part of the programme, the businessman donated thousands of bags of mealie meal and cooking oil to members of his GoodNews Church in Harare. He also donated truckloads of maize meals to orphan children in Mbare – an underprivileged community with many elderly people and orphans.

In the same 2020, the foundation supported Zimbabwe’s First Lady, Auxillia Mnangagwa, and her Angel of Hope Foundation in caring for the elderly, orphans, widows, and the disabled in the less privileged communities countrywide by donating 10 tonnes of maize meal for her charity projects.

Later in January 2022, Uebert Angel granted scholarships to over 400 college students through his foundation and further plans to pay tuition for 10,000 university and college students in Zimbabwe.

Furthermore, Zimbabwe’s ambassador at large committed $2 million for another round of food relief programmes in Zimbabwe in April 2022. His philanthropic deeds have constantly garnered praise from the Zimbabwean president.

Why Uebert Angel is Called a Controversial Prophet

On some occasions, the Spirit Embassy founder has been called a controversial prophet as he has been involved in a series of controversies that seemed to have put his reputation on the line. At one point in his ministerial journey, he had to depart from his home country due to controversy. He has been involved in lawsuits, visa denial cases, and an alleged adultery scandal. Here’s a sneak peek into the controversies Uebert Angel has courted thus far in his career as a preacher and businessman.

$300k Bentley Fraud Case

In 2014, Ndabazinengi Shava – the director of Faith Age Holdings, Zimbabwe, filed a lawsuit against Prophet Angel, stating that the preacher convinced him to sow his Bentley worth $300,000 as a seed into his life, that he would reap three-fold the seed within eight months and if it fails to happen the way he prophesied that he would give him back his car.

So, in 2013, Shava sowed his Bentley, and after one year, the prophecy never came to fulfillment. He then asked for his car back, and Uebert Angel reportedly blocked every means of communicating with him.

During the court case, Shava further stated that in February 2012, he engaged a car dealer named Anderson Tagara to purchase a Bentley for him from the United Kingdom and gave him $240,000 for the deal. Tagara imported the Bentley Continental sedan and handed it over to Shava.

After losing the car to Angel through fraud in early 2013, Shava learned that between May and October 2013, Tagara acted in common purpose with the prophet by signing a fake agreement of sale that quoted him as the owner of the Bentley and Uebert Angel’s brother, Benjamin Mudzanire as the buyer.

In the fake sale agreement, Tagara claimed to have sold the vehicle for $76,000. Consequently, Tagara was accused of aiding Prophet Angel in defrauding Shava of his expensive car and charged with two counts of fraud.

Despite Angel asking the court to dismiss the case because Shava was never the owner of the Bentley, the regional magistrate Mr. Noel Mupeiwa proceeded with the case. He later found Tagara guilty of being an accomplice and was fined $4,000.

Angel was said to be the main perpetrator of the crime. Hence, his arrest warrant was issued by the magistrate, Mr. Tendai Mahwe. Later in 2016, Mr. Shava opted to settle out of court with Uebert Angel. Consequently, the prophet’s arrest warrant was canceled by Harare provincial magistrate Vakayi Chikwekwe.

SuperSport Lawsuit

Prophet Angel filed a $1.5 million lawsuit against the South African media company, SuperSport in March 2014. He claimed that the company published a defamatory article on their website, stating that he predicted Liverpool Football Club as the winner of that year’s English Premiership title. But he never made such a prophecy and also that if Liverpool failed to win the title, his followers would lose confidence in him.

SuperSport then blasted his lawsuit in the defendant’s plea filed the following month, stating that the suit was premature as the League was still on and the winner hadn’t been declared yet. SuperSports lawyer Eric Morris also argued that Uebert Angel failed to properly cite the names and addresses of the two defendants in the case. Thus, the lawsuit breached Order 3 of the High Court of Zimbabwe Rules.

Entry Denial into Zambia

In March 2017, The Good News Church founder and his wife were refused entry into Zambia as they were accused of supporting Zambia’s opposition leader, Mr. Hakainde Hichilema’s presidential bid in 2016 with a huge sum of money. Though the couple had a visa to enter Zambia, they were denied entry into the country and given stringent conditions that they refused to comply with and opted to return to the UK.

Adultery Allegations

Uebert Angel was involved in an adultery scandal in early 2018. It was alleged that one of his congregants named Melody Dzingai used to organize women of the highest quality for the prophet. Dzangai’s Whatsapp messages with Angel were exposed by her driver, Leeroy Elliot. After revealing the messages, he claimed to be on the run because Dzingai threatened him.

Elliot got access to the messages after Melody Dzingai left her phone in his car. Dzingai’s representative, Maynard Manyowa, was contacted for a comment, and he said that the chats were fabricated and not genuine.

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