Pics: Here’s Why Prince Kaybee Won’t Be Making Any Hits For A While


It’s quite a pity that musician DJ Prince Kaybee will not be making music for some time as a result of health challenges.

The singer is taking a break from it all to enable him recover from a painful chest surgery. Kaybee was wheeled into the theatre this week to have a fat tissue removed from his chest. He revealed that he has been battling with the condition since he was a kid.

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Apparently, it has become much of a burden that he had to take it off. Following a successful surgery, he posted a selfie from his hospital bed on Wednesday to reassure fans that he was good and recovering well from the procedure.

“I have been battling with this since I was a kid, was very uncomfortable when taking off my clothes in front of other kids. I also started going to the gym last year, but it was very hard for me because I couldn’t burn the fat tissue so my doctor advised I do this operation. I’m grateful all went well, I’m healthy and I must exercise soonest,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, aside the good news that he’s doing alright, the procedure means that Prince Kaybee has to cool off for a while. It’s only natural that he takes a brief break from making music to recover from the surgery.

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“To all my fans I’m not going to do music/gigs for a while until I’m completely healed. Although this is a setback with regards to my career, trust me, more hits are coming. Thank you,” he wrote.

At least we have his promise of more hits to look forward to. We wish him the quickest recovery.