Watch: Young Rapper Priddy Ugly On How He Was Told To Cough Up R25,000 To Get His Music On Radio


Rapper Priddy Ugly has spilled the beans on some of the reasons why up and coming artists find it difficult to advance in the music industry.

Speaking to Hip Hop Galaxy, the young rapper narrated how he was told to fork out R25,000 to get some air love. According to the rapper, he met a major radio compiler in the country and was allegedly asked to pay a R16,000  deposit before his music can be played on the radio. The aforementioned deposit was supposedly for just two weeks of airplay.

Priddy Ugly, who recently signed for Ambitiouz Entertainment said the man who approached him works with one of the biggest stations in the country. Nevertheless, he wouldn’t disclose the name.

The man was supposed to help him get his hot single Bula Boot some air love at the time. In the course of their discussion on how to make this happen, Priddy discovered he had to cough up a few thousand to get a few weeks of airplay for the song.

“I get to the place on Monday with my CD, we meet the guy and give him the CD, then he’s like ‘Ait cool, you know the procedure right?’

“By procedure, I thought he meant is the song registered, is the song mixed and mastered, so I was like yeah I know the procedure.

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“He (the radio compiler) was like; ‘listen, we can make this song the biggest song in the country. In six months you can start winning awards, your ratings can go up. So, you can pay a deposit now of like R16,000 for 2 months’ airplay and come later on. So I want R25,000, but you can pay R16,000 now and then pay for my flight or something,'” he revealed.

Watch the interview here;

Meanwhile, in the bid to fight against payola (paying for music to get playlisted), SABC spokesperson Kaizer Kganyago has warned artists to always go through the right channel to get airplay for their music.In addition, he urged anyone with proof of fraud, bribery and corruption to present the evidence for further investigation.

In addition, he urged anyone with proof of such fraud, bribery and corruption to present the evidence for further investigation.