Pretoria High School: Simphiwe Dana Lambastes Motshekga For Supporting Hair Policy


In the wake of the pressure emanating from Pretoria High School for Girls, outspoken celebrities declared support for the girls.

However, musician Simphiwe Dana took it a bit further as she fiercely attacked Minister of Basic Education Angie Motshekga and the ANC. Her anger was aroused by comments by the minister defending the Pretoria Girls High school hair policy.

The Minister reportedly said that there was nothing controversial about the code of conduct in Pretoria High School for Girls.

Pupils from the school made the headlines after protesting for allegedly being told not to wear their Afros naturally. This captured the attention of South Africa with many people pledging support for the girls.

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However, Motshekga told the state broadcaster that students are free to voice their concerns about school code of conduct. But, he maintained that such concerns should be discussed internally and not to be made public.

“If you look at those rules you can see that they are standard rules that you find in most codes of conduct,” Motshekga said.

Meanwhile, Motshekga’s comments stirred a vicious social media debate among concerned citizens in the country.

Thus, singer Simphiwe Dana took to Twitter to unleash her anger on the minister and the ruling party.

She wrote:

“Waking up to the news that our Minister of Education Angie Motshekga sees nothing wrong with racist policies that discriminate against our children in these schools. Just another proof how the ANC government has failed to deal with racism even though they have had 22 years to do so.”

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She accused the ANC of being “archaic”, adding that the party needs new blood to change the outlook in the party.

“ANC we need fresh young blood that understands our agency. Your archaic and neo-colonial outlook just will not do anymore. I hope this statement by the minister will result in fresh protests from all including parents. I am in disbelief,” Dana wrote.

Pretoria High School for Girl sparked off fresh tension in the country this week, as black students at the school were allegedly told to “straighten” their natural hair as part of school rules.