Ntsiki Mazwai Calls Thuli Madonsela A ‘White People Pleaser’


Always one to speak her mind no matter who is involved, musician and activist Ntsiki Mazwai has taken shots at Advocate Thuli Madonsela following controversy at Pretoria Girls High School.

Ntsiki accused the outgoing public protector, who has managed to maintain a clean sheet, of being a “white people pleaser.”

Speaking on the chaos going on at Pretoria Girls High, Thuli emphasized on the need for dialogue and “healing circles.” According to her, that will be the best way to address the “unintended racism.”

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However, Ntsiki came taking shots at the public protector in response to a tweet claiming she supported the hair policy. The tweet alleged that Madonsela said that wearing their hair natural may not have been the right thing to do.

“Mcim I told you Thuli had black self hate issues….White people pleaser,” goes Ntsiki’s response to the tweet.

The debate continued between the singer and her followers. However, Ntsiki took a break to throw more shades at Madonsela. She insisted that the Public Protector should not be seen as an authority for black consciousness because she’s not fit to handle the movement.

Pretoria Girls High recently made the headlines after students complained of the school’s code of conduct. The school allegedly banned black pupils from wearing their hair naturally. Thus, the students took to the streets to protest, sparking a massive debate across the country and the world.

So far, both local and international personalities have pledged support for the movement.

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Similarly, Ntsiki took to Twitter as news of a stand-off between US pop star Chris Brown and police streamed in. Sharing her thoughts about the pop star, she simply described him as a “hot mess.” She also described him as a “nyaope boy”, accusing the rapper of being “def on drugs.”

Let’s just pray her sharp tongue doesn’t get her into trouble one of these days.

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