Pretoria Girls’ High School: Celebs Relive Similar ‘Hair’ Experience


As the outcry over discrimination at Pretoria Girls’ High School intensifies, celebs including stars on SA TV screens have added their voice in support of the girls.

After black students at the school were allegedly told to “straighten” their hair as part of school’s policy, the school became a trending topic on Monday. Apparently, the girls decided to speak up against the discrimination on their natural hair.

Consequently, the battle line was drawn against the school’s hair policy. And so, thousands of South Africans flooded social media with solidarity messages for the girls.

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TV stars Manaka Ranaka and Samkelo Ndlovu were among the personalities who joined the movement. They took to social media to relive similar experiences they encountered as students.

Next to a post in support of the Pretoria Girls’ High School, Samekelo wrote;

“I fought this very same battle in high school when I chopped off my long relaxed hair and afro’d my hair to grow dreadlocks”

“I am so happy to know that these are girls woke enough to stand up for their true aesthetic. Girls who are saying we are unapologetically black and you WILL be okay with it, because there is nowhere else to be black than right here in Africa! Where we belong!”

In addition, Manaka recounted the moment when she was told that she could not braid her hair or grow it naturally. According to her school authorities, it looked “untidy.”

“Even after relaxing or scurling they’d still complain about the oil left on the windows because of the starizers/sprays/gels we used to maintain the harsh chemicals. We were forced to straighten our hair with.”

The fight was not an easy one, but Manaka managed to get the school to allow braids and dreadlocks. She achieved this after she was voted president of the SRC in order to fight the rules, she said.

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Furthermore, TV personality Hulisani Ravele, shared an incident on Monday relating to her baby cousin. The young lad was sent home by his school and told to “level” his hair.

This infuriated Hulisani who stormed the school protesting, and taking pictures of other kids rocking similar cuts to the one her baby cousin was sent home for.