When The Guptas Say ‘Jump’, Zuma Says: ‘How high’? – Maimane


Thus saith the Federal and Parliamentary Leader of the Democratic Alliance party – South Africans no longer have a President, they have a puppet. For Mr President, Jacob Zuma is a puppet of the Guptas.

Mmusi Maimane made the remarks during a debate on  the ‘Allegations of state capture by certain individuals and their alleged undue influence over the government.’

The DA leader argued that the Guptas captured Jacob Zuma. That he said, is the second phase of state capture in South Africa.

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According to him, the first phase involved Zuma deploying loyalists to every lever of power and patronage.

As such, he “captured the parastatals to be looted through tenders and contracts.”

Buttressing the “phase two” state capture he highlighted, Maimane declared that being a Gupta puppet is a good business for Jacob Zuma and his family.

“When the Guptas say ‘jump’, Zuma says: ‘How high’?

When the Guptas say ‘we want to land at Waterkloof’, Zuma says: ‘I’ll notify air traffic control.’

When the Guptas say ‘fire Nene’, Zuma says: ‘He’ll be gone by the end of the week.’

When the Guptas say ‘get Gordhan’, Zuma says: ‘I’ll get the Hawks on it right away.’

When the Guptas say ‘we want a coal mine’, Zuma says: ‘I’ll go one better. I’ll give you your own Minister of Mineral Resources,'” Maimane recited.

Thereafter, Maimane warned that the nation shouldn’t be fooled by the Guptas’ move to Dubai or their promise to sell off their South African business interests.

“These are just smoke screens…as long as the Guptas have No.1’s cell number on speed dial, our country is governed by remote control from 11,000km away,” he said.

Adding that no meaningful development will be achieved when South Africa is captured, the DA leader called on the ANC to support the motion for a full parliamentary inquiry.

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Howbeit, the ruling party voted against the motion which would have enabled the establishment of an ad hoc committee to investigate state capture allegations.

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