President Jacob Zuma’s Wife In Fresh Poison Plot Controversy


New reports have surfaced implicating President Jacob Zuma’s wife Nompumelelo Ntuli-Zuma in a complicated and unsuccessful plot to poison him. Zuma fell ill and was hospitalized in June last year. In August, went for a medical check up in the US where he learnt he had been poisoned. Unbelieving at first, he apparently had the diagnosis confirmed by Russian doctors.

Family sources said that the president was very angry when he found out about the poison plan but told the family to keep it within and not let it get out. They source went on to say that they were not given specifics, but they were told that Ntuli-Zuma had done something really terrible that could land her in jail for a long, long time.

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The public began to suspect something was amiss when Ntuli-Zuma who had accompanied the president on the medical trip seemed to disappear from the public scene after the trip.

After months of speculation about the state of affairs between the president and Ntuli-Zuma, sources said the reason she had been cast out was related to suspicion by the president of her involvement in the alleged plan to poison him. After the trip, she was said to have been ordered to remain in the compound of their Nkandla home where she spent Christmas and New Year alone, after which she moved out and now lives in Durban North with her three children.

The news of the poison plot was made stronger by the fact that the Ntuli-Zuma was absent from the annual Christmas party hosted by the president in while all of his other wives were in attendance. Again was her absence from president Zuma’s state of the nation address, which his other wives equally attended. As if that was not enough, she has also been removed from the international travel roster of the Presidency’s spousal office and will no longer be accompanying the president on his trips.

Even if the presidency is not saying anything yet, it is still a certainty that something is happening that might not be pleasant in the end.

As the former chief of ANC intelligence in exile, Zuma is said to be extremely paranoid and to believe in conspiracies so that when the doctors in Russia confirmed that he had been poisoned, he came to the simple conclusion that because only people in his immediate family had access to his food, it had to have been one of them but then Ntuli had more reasons to want to poison him.

Even though a direct link between Ntuli-Zuma and a poison plot has not been conclusively established, it is understood that the president believed that since the extramarital affairs allegations leveled against her a few years ago, she had been sidelined and was not happy about it, so the poison plot seemed like a revenge mission.

While denying the poison plot rumor, the president’s brother Michael confirmed that the president and Ntuli were having some issues and that it’s not quite long she moved out and that he could not categorically say if they would reconcile or not. He was quoted as saying “It’s between the two of them. I think you can get it better from them and not me. I don’t have any details about that matter. I am also searching for answers but I can’t find any.”

Whether the poison plot was true or not, one thing is certain, all has not been well in the world of Ntuli-Zuma’s marriage since August last year and it will only take time, but the truth will be uncovered sooner than you think.