Prepare For Flood, Water And Sanitation Warns


Beloved South Africans, the Department of Water and Sanitation released a report admonishing us to prepare for a flood.

Although the expected La Nina may be weak this summer, South Africans should prepare themselves for possible localized flooding, warned the report.

Referring to the condition of the veld cover (vegetation), the report indicated that it’s ideal to expect increased levels of runoff even with a weak La Niña.

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“The expected La Nina is very weak and trending towards neutral,” it said. But then, added that “most key atmospheric variables continue to indicate neutral ENSO (El Niño Southern Oscillation) conditions.”

Aside from that, the report cautioned South Africans about below normal rainfall and warm temperatures during spring.

It also warned that the drought situation of the country isn’t over. As related, it will take a number of years for the system to stabilize even with a normal season.

Apparently, the present season is abnormal as there has been a falloff in average dam levels in all provinces aside the Western Cape. In the Province, “levels have increased by 34.2% over the past 13 weeks and are now at 62.1%.”

Water and Sanitation promised to keep monitoring the 211 dams on a weekly basis while it divulged that twelve dams are currently below 10%, 61 below 40% and 20 dams above 100%.

“Our national storage is under increasing stress and still shows a steady decline week on week. We need to continue to intensify the enforcement of restrictions to stretch our available water supplies. The drought is far from over and even with a normal season, it will take a number of years for the system to stabilize,” added the department.

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As part of the drought mitigation measures, the department has facilitated the drilling of 97 boreholes in water-stressed communities across South Africa.

BuzzSouthAfrica gathered that the boreholes are completed and currently in production.