Premier Supra’s New Jet Could’ve Created 37,000 Jobs


The real cost of Premier Supra’s new jet is 37,000 jobs or 8,000 RDP houses says the Democratic Alliance (DA) party.

To the Party, Premier Supra’s new jet is a luxury North West residents can’t afford and a slap in the face of 37,000 residents who could’ve been employed in its place.

Maimane’s party argued that the North West government could create 37,000 jobs, for a full year’s employment in government’s Expanded Public Works Program, at the purchase cost of a mid-size luxury private jet.

And, can alternatively, build about 8,000 RDP houses with the exorbitant cost of a luxury private jet.

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“In addition, with a luxury private jet’s annual running and maintenance costs of approximately R5,6 million, a further 308 annual jobs could be created instead of upkeeping Supra’s luxury jet every single year,” the party argued further.

With that, DA’s Joe McGluwa related that he tabled a members statement calling on Supra to reject the ‘ridiculous luxury jet’. Premier Supra Mahumapelo defended his jet procurement after

Adding that Premier Supra Mahumapelo defended his jet procurement, McGluwa asserted that the Premier has affirmed that he does not care about the hundreds of thousands of unemployed people in the North West.

“In the province with the highest unemployment in South Africa, at a shocking 44,6% Supra must choose to create jobs, not to buy jets.

The DA will continue to push Premier Mahumapelo to make the right decision to put the people of the North West first and not put ANC political elites first,” McGluwa added.

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Not long past, DA wailed that the ANC Mayor of Molemole wasted public money to bless himself with a luxury Mercedes-Benz GLE 4×4 costing R1 million.

The blessing was extended to the Molemole Speaker, Mpelege Moreroa and collectively, “the obscenely wasteful spending for these two ANC officials totals R1,5 million, which is money that will never make its way to the delivery of services for the people of Molemole,” DA lamented then.