DA Whistle-Blower Helen Zille Exposes Malema’s 2019 Game Plan


Western Cape Premier Helen Zille has downplayed Malema’s counter-statement on allegations that he plans to form a new party with the African National Congress (ANC) in 2019.

According to Zille, Malema truly plans to merge with the ANC once President Zuma steps down from office as South Africa’s president.

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“Julius’ strategy is to merge with the ANC after 2019 election in order to take it over, once President Zuma has gone,” Premier Helen Zille alleged on Twitter.

Zille was reacting to Malema’s statement during an interview earlier this week. She is not to first to predict Malema’s 2019 game plan.

On Tuesday, during eNCA Checkpoint interview, Malema “allegedly” proposed a merger between the ANC and the EFF – provided the ANC will be willing to collapse the Luthuli House and create a brand new political party in 2019.

He told the show’s anchor Nkepile Mabuse: “My imagination of 2019 is that the ANC goes below 50%, the EFF goes to 9 … 10%. The ANC needs the EFF, the DA needs the EFF…..

The EFF and the ANC must come together. And then we collapse the name ANC. We close Luthuli House. We go and open headquarters of this new party in Soweto, where our people are, and then we start afresh.

The merger will have to produce a unique leadership, which will appeal to our people because the name ANC is going to remind people of our painful past.”

Premier Helen Zille’s Claims Seconded Kunene’s Prediction

It’s now clear that EFF leader Julius Malema’s interview on Tuesday with enCA have courted trouble, not only for himself but for his three-year-old party.

The defiant leader has been under fire and criticism from the left, right and centre following the interview. One of his detractors, Kenny Kunene, on Thursday told all who cared to listen to him that Malema’s merger plan has finally vindicated him.

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Kunene, a co-founder of the EFF has been Malema’s most vocal antagonist following his premature exit from the EFF. He had earlier predicted that Juju will abandon the EFF and form a new political party in 2019 with the ANC.

To him, Malema is just a sellout leading a bogus revolution. Kenny had also challenged the EFF leader to present his passport if truly he didn’t sell the EFF to Western powers.

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