Premier David Makhura Okays Single Transport Authority For Gauteng


Gauteng Premier has vowed to make life better for the people in the province, come hell or high water. Earlier this month, Premier David Makhura unveiled an eco carwash project in the Vaal aimed at saving fresh water.

In March, the visionary leader also commissioned an anti-racism team tasked with the responsibility of addressing racism in the province.

This time, Makhura has signed a declaration with mayors in the Gauteng City Region (GCR) endorsing the establishment of a single transport authority for the GCR.

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The Provincial Premier who spoke at the province office disclosed that the move was an important step taken by government to ensure that all structures and institutions that give effect to the vision of a Gauteng City Region‚ are regularized and formalized.

“The GCR Transport Authority must be a model of the kind of formal GCR structures we will create going forward. It will further ensure that our structures are not ad-hoc‚ voluntary and riddled with uncertainty,” he said.

With this development, public transport users living within the Gauteng city region won’t find travelling around the province difficult. Also, the signing of the declaration marks a historical historical event that paves the way for the establishment of a more efficient transport service in Gauteng

Premier David Makhura Happy With Development

Remarkably, the province related that establishment of a single Transport Authority would make transportation affordable‚ accessible‚ sustainable and customer centred for the residents.

“What we would like is that when you are travelling in the Gauteng province‚ you should be able to travel [easily] regardless of where you bought the ticket.

We are also working out on how to bring taxis into that single public transport system so that you can pay at one point and use your single ticket in all the modes and move where you would like,” Makhura said.

During the final meeting of the current term of local government – Premier’s Coordinating Forum (PCF), the province disclosed that the integrated urban development framework and 2016-1019 implementation plan are top additional plans it hopes to carry out.

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Premier David Makhura stated that plans are underway to take the taxi industry to a higher level and also enable the sector to provide a more business-oriented service.



The development was largely lauded by the province. It asserted that the objective of the endorsement is to promote intergovernmental relations between provincial government and municipalities to ensure effective service delivery to the people.

Earlier, Makhura expressed confidence that the African National Congress will win all metros in the local government elections. The premier however stated that part of the reason the ANC intervened in Tshwane is because if the party fails to intervene‚ it will definitely harm its prospects.